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Author Topic:   confused about Vortec Heads
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posted July 03, 2001 10:52 AM
I am confused about vortec heads and the problem with the standard intake manifold.I have two pairs of vortec heads (14102187 & 14014416) at least i was told they were vortec heads, the only problem i experience with bolting the old style manifold is that the four bolt holes in the center of the manifold did no line up so i slotted the holes and the manifold bolted down perfectly.I have installed these heads on a 350 block(14016379)with flat pistons, can anyone tell me what compression ratio i have my readings are 210psi per cyl

Dirt Freak

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posted July 03, 2001 06:32 PM
well........first of all if all you had to do is slot the 4 center holes... im sorry but these are not Vortec heads... these are just after like 87 model heads'.. Vortec heads there is no way a standard old style manifold will fit them... without modifiying the heads.. the bolt holes go straight up and down and there are only 4 per side...and there smaller, and the runners are different too i think...hope this helps.

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