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Dirt Newbie

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posted June 10, 2001 08:19 PM
please help me with a problem in installing nova a arms on my metric mod frame. i have the two piece metal bushings installed and i am putting the left side on the right side and vise versa. i am having to beat the **** out of these things to get them up in the frame mounts. is this normal? do you have to use metal bushings or could i use stock bushings and fill the gaps with washers? i have drilled the frame holes out to fit the 1/2 inch bolts that the bushings require. also on my upper a arms i am using afco uppers but do i put the angled bar towards the front of the car or to the back? i was told that i had to run the nova lowers on this frame by the former owner so i need to get this to work. the frame is a 1999 and has never been put together yet so i am learning as i go. PLEASE HELP.

the fact man
Dirt Roller

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posted June 11, 2001 02:33 AM
bushings are neater but washers will work. you want them snug but not in a bind when you swing the arm up and down before installing the spring. on the a arms the long side should go to the firewall side. hard to say not seeing the mounts but put on backwards you would have way too much caster. i have had to do a little grinding on new bushings for easy fit.


dan patterson

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