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Author Topic:   spring question
Dirt Newbie

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posted June 07, 2001 07:43 AM
Ok, bear with me folks... On a swingarm/z-link mod, all things being eqaul, what is the effect of raising the spring weight on both sides of the rear an equal amount? Also, what effect does preloading the pull bar on one of these cars have on the handling? Does anyone have an opinion on which is better, a rubber bisquit pull bar or a spring loaded pull bar. Thanks for the input guys, im sure im gonna have more questions later.

Dirt Roller

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posted June 07, 2001 10:17 AM
Stiffening the rear, almost always, loosens the car, even with a swing arm or Z link. On a Z link or swing arm with Birdcages, the effect of preload on the car is generally control of the pinion angle. More preload will also make the anti-squat, (bite) kick in faster or more agressively. THe pullbar is simply a lever tha enhance the transfer of weight from the front of the car to the rear during acceleration.

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