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Author Topic:   burbt off right rear-set-up help
Dirt Roller

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posted May 15, 2001 05:43 AM
At the completion of a nights racing we found that the right rear was gone on our modified. the lead fiooted driver does abuse the tires in the corners. what would be the proper chassis adjustments, of a general nature to cool the right rear. We currently have 150# of left rear and about 57% rear %. If you need more info I can provide.
Should we:
1. add right rear
2. stiffen/soften right rear
3. soften left front shock
4. take some horsepower awayfrom the driver
the car is generally tight to the driver so we are looking to loosen the car some anyway. when the tire goes away, its difficult to tell if the thing is loose or tight. thanks

Dirt Roller

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posted May 15, 2001 07:12 AM
To really help,we would need a complete discription of setup, including what type of rear suspension, angle of links, placement of springs, lead in rear, scale readings, stagger ect... ect... ect... If you are burning up the right rear, you are not using enough left rear. Need complete info to help determine why. There are many things that could affect left rear tire loadings besides wedge, and rear percent.

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