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Author Topic:   Need input please
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posted May 09, 2001 11:09 AM
I have strugled with my panard bar/J-bar a bit. 2 link car, spring pull bar, IMCA tires, 200 LR 150 RR, 2300 LBS, 55 Rear and 48 cross. 3/8 mile dry by the main and medium bank...

My problem is that I started with a short 9in panard from the Left Chassis to the Left of pinion. WAY TOO RADICAL and a big throttle push. I switched to a J-bar on Left frame to Right Pinion...duh! and better but lost some side bite. Raised it on the frame 1 inch and better but the car was a little eratic.

Question...Has anyone running dirt, tryed a 30 inch panard from the right chassis to the left housing like an asphalt car.

Jammin, I ran a mono leaf last year and tryed a j-bar. As soon as I put it on, side bite suffered. I took it off and it came back. I am hoping the "asphalt" way I described will be similar in that it will take away the action a panard or J bar creates when mounted in the standard dirt configuration.????

Does anyone have any experience with this? If no and just a theory, what is the theory?

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posted May 09, 2001 11:30 AM UIN: 16262997
Well...I have not personally run the opposite mount, have heard of people that have, but havent had any feedback. The way I look at that setup is this. The reverse bar is going to pull the chassis down on the spring in the turns. But it looks to me like it would be a RR weight scenario only that would enhance side bite, but not much help on the forward bite. When the weight shifts outward away from the bar, it is going to try to rotate downwards and then it loads the spring, if it does that, then where is the load for the left rear off of th turns. I dont think it will exist. This setup from the way I see it will work ok on a tacky track, but your gonna burn the RR off the car in the feature.

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posted May 09, 2001 11:39 AM
I have the Right frame side lower than the left housing hoping it will pull the rear end down as it rolls over on the right. I guess I am hoping the lack of the j-bar will let the weight transfer eaiser and load the RR with the spring and body weight. I feel the J-bar decreases some of the weight transfer???? I might be wronk but I have a hard time understanding how it wouldn't.

Does the reverse angle of the bar change any idea's?

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posted May 09, 2001 11:47 AM
I missed part of your post...The forward bite i am thinking wil be fixed with the fact that I have both springs in front of the housing. I guess I thought the J-bar had not much to do with forward bite. Asside from the fact that side bite will get a better run though the turn and send you off the turn better???? Like I said, I am new to this J-bar panard bar thing.

If side bite comes fron the plant on the RR, wouldn't you feel the RR would get more weight with the hundreds of pounds of body roll compared to the light side of the car loading the middleish of the rearend?

I have watched this board for some time and respect the fact that msot users here give theories with their answers. I like that because I want to know WHY something works or doesn't work. Great board and keep up the good work!!!

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posted May 09, 2001 02:01 PM
check out this web page. it has alot of good information on panhard bars. very good info here.

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posted May 09, 2001 04:59 PM
48 cross and 55 rear seem kind of low for a slick track with imca tires,you might be too concerned with panhard bar,get it fairly close and put more rear in and cross and it will launch out of the corners.

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posted May 10, 2001 10:15 AM
Update, we had a test and tune last night and the car seemed great on the heavy track with the panard bar on backwards. As the track dryed out a bit, it still felt good and my lap times were faster??? I put about 50% cross in the car and before I went out and it seemed pretty good.

That was a great article on panard bars, thanks. dumb question here, will my panard bar affect forward bite? I wouldn't think so. What do I risk losing running the panard bar backwards???

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posted May 11, 2001 01:11 AM
I will only comment on the mounting location of the bar......the differance between a 30 bar mounted on the left side of the frame or the right side of the frame is it's mounted on the left frame the roll center will rise as body rolls, if you mount it the other way the roll center will get lower during body roll.......I have seen cars on dirt that have been fast either way.
The guys I see going fast with the frame mount on the lright side seem to keep the car square and don't toss the car around, causing much body roll.

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posted May 11, 2001 09:20 AM
Well, change 200. Thanks for all the input so far and here I go again. I switched my car to a 4 bar again last night. the reason I switched in the first place was becasue I would set the car in the turn and the I had a HUGE throttle push. Looking back, I think my short 9 inch panard might have been the problem. I think it was reacting to quickly for my driving style. Now with the longer bar on the RR frame, I am hoping that push will be gone because I won't be standing the car up on the panard. I race tonight so I guess time will tell. Am I all wet here and do you think I am going to have the same problem???

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