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Author Topic:   Leaf spring rear suspension
Dirt Roller

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posted May 07, 2001 10:13 PM
We have been experimenting with a stacked mono configuration this season. Currently we have a 200# sracked leaf on the left rear and a 40#mono with a 150# coil floated on the right rear. The configuration is a little strange but the forward bite for the most part is unbelievable. There has been a problem with breakage. We had to weld the left rear u-bolt assembly onto the axile housing to keep it from being ripped out. The car exhibits a great deal of anti-squat (lift) under acceleration. The questions I have are 1- Has anyone else done this and kept the system reliable, if so how?
2- To reduce the anti-squat should we lower the front eye of the leaf?
3- Is a 200# leaf enough, for a car with 57-58% rear and 150# of left rear bite?
4- Any insight would be appreciated. When we go, we generally go good but, as I said we need consistancy.

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