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Author Topic:   leafspring sidebite
Dirt Newbie

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posted May 05, 2001 03:01 AM

was wondering if anybody had a cure for sidebite from the middle of the corner to the straightaway. after you get to the straightaway i have all kinds of bite. Corner entry is fine you just can't pick-up the throttle enough to go forward. other then that the leaf car is excellent. wondered about a pullbar.
Also installed a 58 in rear and wondered if shocks should be staggered with left in front with an easy (down or up) can think of reasons for both ways. maybe a panhard bar to raise rollcenter to get car to roll over. All ideas appreciated

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 05, 2001 10:37 AM UIN: 27426975
on dry slick it is really not going to happen. just take it easy. I run a pull bar with a mono leaf setup. Ran a 4bar last year, chased it, you were either really fast, or very very slow. Consistancy is in a leaf car.
Last night I ran the bottom groove on a dry slick track, everyone else staying middle to top. Started 16th, made it up to 5th. Spun (not holding my line), put back on tail, made it up to fourth again when I left the track with body work flapping, and I think I was very low on fuel, car cutting out. And don't let no one tell you that a leaf car isn't or can't be fast. I was catching the leaders.


Dirt Full Roller

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posted May 09, 2001 11:17 AM
Mono Leaf I assume?

If so, are you running a panard or J-bar?

If yes, take it off! Run just the leafs and you will be amazed. the soft cushion is great on dry and although you will bend up the leafs a little faster, the $39 is well worth it. Seriously...huge difference if you haven't already ditched the bar.

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