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Author Topic:   Alky fuel pumps & Carbs
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posted February 24, 2001 01:39 PM
I am new to Mods and alky as a fuel. Can you run a mechanical Holly fuel pump and get the volume you need for racing? I have heard yes and no. I heard you need a belt driven pump and also that a good aftermarket holly pump in stock location will work. I have also heard something about return line. Never seen one. I am racing a 2/8 dirt track with 406 motor and hope to get a 850 cfm carb.
HELP!!!!!!! Any good used carbs and alky set ups out there??

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posted February 24, 2001 06:09 PM
First let me say, I'm not an expert. I run the following with methanol:
3/8 line from cell to pump
Holley 12-327 pump
3/8 line to a meter block (splits line)
Holley double pumper.
I've never run out of fuel on a big 3/8 track. But, let me say I am a 3 year rookie and everyone is always in front of me coming out of the hole and are probably back to wide open throttle before I am. As I learn to drive I may starve for fuel too.
Most say to use 1/2 inch fuel line, 1/2 inch ins and outs, regulator,fuel log with return line to fuel cell. Holley has a fuel pump that pushes 170 gph at 7 lbs. I don't think it takes a regulator and has 1/2 ins and outs 12-327-20, I think. Look it up.
Hope this helps.

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posted February 24, 2001 06:44 PM UIN: 23443678
I have run both the block mount and the belt drive. When i bought my carb they told me what i could use. With the block mount i ran the edelbrock allky pump with 1/2 lines from the tank to the pump and fuel log, with a bypass on the back of the log and a 3/8 return to the tank. I had no problems with that setup all year on a 3/10 mile track. I have seen cars without a return line that do fine also. I think the best thing to do is when you get a carb find out who built it and give them a call.

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posted February 24, 2001 11:36 PM
Well like dman60 I am no expert as well. However I can tell you the setup that we run. 1/2" line from the fuel tank into a block mount holley pump, then 1/2" from the pump to the fuel log. (no return line) As far as a carb goes we run a Willy's Carb. It the best carb on the market. It does cost ~$1050 but the hp gain, throttle response, and the smoothness of this carb is well worth the extra money. Plus the external metering blocks means you never have to change another jet, you just twist the external jetting adjustment to the right for a richer setting and to the left for a leaner setting.

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posted February 25, 2001 05:46 PM
I run the same exact setup that dirtracer14 described. 1/2 line to the pump, 3/8 return line to the tank. The edelbrock pump is the only one I have found that will last more than 3 races... Also the bypass I use is the Barry Grant throttle bypass. The carb I use is a Holley 4150hp 750 setup for methonal. I also use a fuel log that I bought from Speedway Motors. I Have never had a problem with this setup. I run around 5 psi of pressure at idle, and around 12 or more at wide open throttle....

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