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Author Topic:   TCI Live Chat Script....for those of you that couldn't make the chat.
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posted October 02, 2002 08:39 PM UIN: 16262997
21:03:56 widebody Whats the latest and greatest on "stock appearing" glide trannys?
21:03:57 : widebody Id like to run one, but it has to have a converter(vega style) or at least look like one(hollow) with NO external plumbing.
21:04:36 : widebody It needs to be RELIABLE 100%
21:04:55 : Scott_Miller We have a new style valve body now that doesn't use any external valves and operates just like a "stock" tranny
21:05:16 : Scott_Miller And we've always had dummy converters
21:05:21 : widebody I runa t10 now
21:05:38 : widebody but want lower spining weight
21:05:52 : Scott_Miller We tested it for 1 1/2 years and it will be in the 2003 catalog due out in November
21:06:02 : widebody that new valve body. does it need anything extra
21:06:13 : widebody I have a10# 10k flywheel now
21:06:53 : Scott_Miller No, there's one case mod to make and to do that you pull the front pump and install an orfice plug and thats it!
21:07:56 : Scott_Miller It also has lo and hi gear reversed so if you shift on the restart you can't accidentaly hit reverse
21:07:23 : widebody great sounds good ill look for the new catalog
21:07:30 : widebody Thanks scott
21:07:34 : imca3d I've read about TCI making gear reduction starters now. Is that true and how much do they cost???
21:09:39 : Scott_Miller we do have gear reduction starters. They generally start around $200.00. Sounds hi but they are 100% new Hitachi starters, not remans!
21:09:47 : imca3d and what tooth fly wheels can they be used on and what starter bolt pattern can be used
21:10:07 : imca3d i run a 350 Chevy with a 168 tooth fly wheel
21:10:10 : Scott_Miller 153 or 168 Straight pattern
21:10:14 : imca3d angle bolt patter
21:11:03 : imca3d and how will i be able to get ahold of the new TCI catalog
21:11:08 : Scott_Miller No angle pattern. the best way to fix that is to bolt the starter up with the one bolt line everything up and drill the 2nd hole
21:11:19 : imca3d ok
21:12:25 : Scott_Miller E-mail me at and i'll send you one
21:12:30 : Morrmotorsports I have ran a Brinn tans for the last 2 seasons and have nothing but bad luck. I have a 383 Chevy with a 168 fly wheel.
21:12:55 : Morrmotorsports What type of convertor and trans would you suggest for a 1/4 mile dirt with this setup?
21:13:13 : Morrmotorsports I have the catalog and I can not decide on which.
21:13:21 : Morrmotorsports did not know if you have any suggestions.
21:13:29 : Scott_Miller Do you have to run a converter?
21:13:40 : Scott_Miller Working one?
21:13:41 : Morrmotorsports yes.
21:14:03 : Scott_Miller How do they check it?
21:14:19 : Morrmotorsports tear down if you win and are put into question.
21:14:41 : Morrmotorsports happened 2 times last year to us.
21:14:43 : Scott_Miller How do they check the converter?
21:14:56 : Scott_Miller Do they stall it or by fluid?
21:15:05 : Morrmotorsports stall.
21:15:13 : Morrmotorsports Trust me.. Eldora does.
21:15:21 : Morrmotorsports Earl and his crew check hardcore.. LOL..
21:16:20 : Scott_Miller what motor and gear do you run? lowest rpm on track?
21:16:32 : Morrmotorsports Chevy 383.
21:16:36 : Morrmotorsports 5.67 gear.
21:16:47 : Morrmotorsports 1800 during cautions.
21:17:04 : Morrmotorsports tached 6900 this past season at Eldora. that is our max so far.
21:17:05 : Scott_Miller what about the turns?
21:17:24 : Morrmotorsports We can go through at usually 4700 to 5000.
21:17:48 : Morrmotorsports usually run high and keep it tached up as much as possible to pull out of the turns.
21:18:17 : Morrmotorsports We have had luck with a powegilde before.
21:18:29 : Morrmotorsports just had a sponsor with Brinns and we did not renew.
21:18:45 : Scott_Miller use the 741115 11" model. only 2lbs more than a 10" but with the 383 it will lockup tighter and have quicker throttle response
21:18:48 : Morrmotorsports We just told them what we had and they sent us the applications we needed.
21:19:01 : BigJ17 Scott hi i run a wissota super stock and i was wondering what kind of vehicles have an aluminum tranny in them
21:19:07 : BigJ17 or are they specially made
21:19:07 : Morrmotorsports Thanks a bunch. You helped me out a lot.
21:19:51 : Jet_Hydro What is the main cause on cracking behind the vent?
21:21:46 : Scott_Miller The main casue of case cracking is the trans bouncing around and the drive shaft bottoming out
21:23:24 : Scott_Miller the best way to brace the trans is to run a support from the rear mount to the midplate so it cradles the rear.
21:22:20 : df1500 What rans would you reccomend for street stock racing
21:22:39 : Scott_Miller glide if you can run them
21:23:32 : df1500 clutch or converter?
21:23:33 : Scott_Miller no prob morrm
21:23:51 : Scott_Miller what suspension do you run?
21:24:02 : Scott_Miller jet
21:24:03 : Jet_Hydro 2 link on a dw7
21:24:20 : Scott_Miller that should be plenty of travel on the yoke.
21:24:30 : Jet_Hydro thinking about putting a rear mount on ?
21:24:30 : Scott_Miller do you run anytype of rear mount?
21:24:43 : Jet_Hydro no
21:25:36 : Jet_Hydro dont these need to supported at the rear?
21:26:20 : Scott_Miller I have a drawing of the one Wayne Brooks runs, email me with a fax# and i'll send it to you. It runs from the rear to the midplate and he hasn't broken a case in the 5 yrs i've dealt with him.

21:26:44 : Jet_Hydro I brake on ever night
21:26:48 : Jet_Hydro
21:26:51 : Scott_Miller my email is
21:27:05 : df1500 with the glide do you prefer clutch or converter?
21:27:25 : Jet_Hydro we run the jack shaft style
21:27:27 : Scott_Miller I 've talked to alot of people that have had the same problem and this has fixed it!
21:28:08 : BigJ17 also there is something called a shortty tranny do u know of any vehicles w/ those?
21:28:20 : Hobby12 [0.Logout] Logout Request
21:28:22 : Scott_Miller If it's a chevy, all of the automatics are alum
21:28:27 : Jet_Hydro I was told it was because I go in the corners so hard that with the HP we run and the force of the car it wont hole with out a rear mount
21:28:49 : BigJ17 yeah but we run a manuel and theres the guy up here who has an alluminum on so was that specially made?
21:29:51 : Scott_Miller the trans will hold its the bouncing, etc that hurts it
21:30:08 : Jet_Hydro Scott what is the $$$ of your's I run Bushors
21:30:19 : Scott_Miller bigj; what make is it?
21:30:22 : Jet_Hydro looking for a new builder
21:30:34 : BigJ17 i'm not sure i'm guessing a chevy ??
21:30:51 : madmodshoe run glides for years, the only thing that breaks them is the chassis and mounting
21:30:55 : Scott_Miller $650-750.00 but inside is NOT stock!
21:31:13 : Scott_Miller is it automatic?
21:31:17 : BigJ17 manuel
21:31:26 : madmodshoe scott, is that for your new valve body glide
21:31:36 : Jet_Hydro Mine ar not stock or at least I was told they
21:31:38 : Scott_Miller I'm not sure on manual trannies.
21:31:46 : BigJ17 alrighty
21:31:50 : BigJ17 thanks for your time Scott
21:31:57 : Scott_Miller No prob1
21:32:28 : madmodshoe what about the hollow t/c for direct drive
21:32:35 : Scott_Miller I don't talk bad about any competators, but open one up sometime.
21:32:56 : madmodshoe do you service such a beast?
21:32:59 : Scott_Miller some builders use stock pieces and others use aftermarket pieces.
21:33:23 : Jet_Hydro I heare ya scott I talked to them friday and I'm looking for a new builder if that tells ya anything
21:33:44 : Scott_Miller We do rebuild our competators trannies but when were done there built just like our own.
21:33:47 : Andre Scott this will be the first year for racing a car, I just moved up from karts, and I will be running a AMRA E-mod on dirt, what type of transmission would you recommend?
21:34:19 : Scott_Miller E-mail me jet.
21:34:24 : Jet_Hydro Who's the best one to talk to at TCI if I was to call ya up?
21:34:32 : Scott_Miller Me
21:34:40 : madmodshoe Scott Miller
21:34:48 : Jet_Hydro ok I'll be giveing ya a call soon
21:35:04 : Scott_Miller ok!
21:35:13 : Scott_Miller next???
21:35:31 : Jet_Hydro are you going to do the Wichits Kansas Race sale this year?
21:35:46 : madmodshoe hollow convertor?
21:35:50 : Jet_Hydro Whitcha
21:36:16 : Scott_Miller when?
21:36:35 : Jet_Hydro I think it's the first part of jan??
21:36:47 : Scott_Miller A glide unless the rules say th-350
21:37:16 : Scott_Miller thanks jet, i've got a seminar around the 10 or so in tulsa
21:37:18 : Jet_Hydro Midwest Motor sports and all the big boys go
21:38:33 : Andre What transmission would you reccomend for AMRA e-mod on dirt?
21:38:59 : Scott_Miller a glide unless they say you have to run a th-350.
21:39:18 : Scott_Miller part number 742010 clutchless glide
21:39:28 : Andre ok thanks
21:39:38 : Scott_Miller its the latest and greatest!
21:40:39 : df1500 scott, what setup as far as converter or clutch would you run with the glide in stret stock clas
21:41:07 : Scott_Miller do you have to run a working conv?
21:41:26 : df1500 Not really,
21:42:05 : Scott_Miller then don't! run a direct drive setup. 0% slippage not lost power in the converter
21:42:33 : Scott_Miller no lost power
21:42:36 : df1500 how much for the complete setup with glide and direct drive
21:43:12 : Scott_Miller around $800-850 complete
21:43:24 : df1500 will I need a clutch
21:43:28 : Scott_Miller I don't have a price sheet with me.
21:43:44 : Scott_Miller no clutch needed! put it in gear and go!!
21:43:54 : bob Is there a way to hide all the mechanicals
21:44:05 : Scott_Miller take off in lo just like a regular car.
21:44:23 : df1500 thanks scott, I think it was either you or will I talked to at rod run in pigeon forge TN
21:44:34 : Scott_Miller no mechinals except the shift lever to put it in gear
21:44:45 : Scott_Miller that was Will.
21:44:55 : df1500 appreciate it

21:45:02 : madmodshoe do you make a hollow conv to install in a direct drive unit?
21:45:04 : Scott_Miller He said he talked to someone with a dirt car
21:45:12 : Scott_Miller no prob!
21:45:19 : df1500 That was me
21:45:32 : Jet_Hydro Is it hard on it to use 1 for the hole shot on the green flag start?
21:46:17 : Scott_Miller not really. its harder on them to take off at a lo rpm in hi than lo.
21:46:35 : Jet_Hydro Ok I just had to ask
21:46:36 : madmodshoe i run a tci in my mod, but need stk appering for street stock
21:46:42 : Scott_Miller We have a dummy converter that is a direct drive setup.
21:46:56 : bob on a turbo 350 we run in 1st gear and wear clutch packs quickly
21:46:56 : madmodshoe how many #'s
21:47:10 : Scott_Miller you could run the 744500 clutchless valvebody and a dummy converter.
21:47:24 : Scott_Miller 16lbs
21:47:25 : madmodshoe hp drain #'s
21:47:42 : Scott_Miller no fluid capicity
21:47:50 : madmodshoe cool
21:47:58 : madmodshoe see ya in tulsa
21:48:12 : Scott_Miller a 10" is close to the centerline of the crank it would be very minimal.
21:48:24 : Scott_Miller Ok!
21:48:31 : madmodshoe for anyone else, that is good seminar to go to
21:48:51 : Jet_Hydro what's it about?
21:48:53 : Scott_Miller I did it last year for the first time and learned alot
21:49:21 : Scott_Miller a to z on dirt track racing
21:49:30 : Jet_Hydro how much is it?
21:49:38 : Scott_Miller setup susp motors carbs trans shacks
21:49:38 : madmodshoe last year $75.00
21:49:46 : madmodshoe but well worth it
21:49:49 : Scott_Miller shocks
21:49:51 : Jet_Hydro where can we find info?
21:49:54 : madmodshoe bilsteins
21:50:17 : madmodshoe sexy rexie puts it on i think
21:50:21 : Scott_Miller call rex merritt 417-860-6261
21:50:31 : Jet_Hydro ok thanks Scott
21:50:59 : Scott_Miller See Ya!
21:52:34 : Mod57 Scott I plan on building my own glide this winter, going to use the TCI manual valve body..what other pieces do you feel are nessisary. Hardened input, gears, etc.
21:52:39 : madmodshoe what type of fluid on glides
21:53:42 : Scott_Miller If you've got a good core use part number 740002 kit and it will come with everythng you need including the valve body
21:54:23 : Scott_Miller if you run on rough tracks then you'll need the hard shaft
21:54:42 : Scott_Miller that kit has the new clutchless valvebody in it
21:55:07 : Scott_Miller even the dipstick!
21:55:16 : madmodshoe easy now
21:55:41 : Scott_Miller synthetic is the best to run. stays cooler
21:56:46 : Scott_Miller our synthetic and strain it and reuse it 2 or 3 times
21:57:12 : Scott_Miller mod57??
21:57:58 : Scott_Miller guys, write my email don and feel free to email me anytime.
21:58:03 : Mod57 could a person use a chain and make a hanging mount on the rear?
21:58:06 : Scott_Miller down
21:58:13 : dirtracer14 what about running a it needed and were is the best place for it
21:59:13 : Scott_Miller it would stop the downward bounce but not the upward. It's best to support it off the midplate so it "moves" with the motor
21:59:59 : Mod57 ok thx
22:00:03 : Scott_Miller most people I talk to and work with don't run a cooler and they'll run 50 or more lap features.
22:00:20 : bob cooler questions/yeah yeah
22:00:34 : dirtracer14 ok im sorry i was late but can i make a brace to help support the trans off the midplate?
22:01:00 : Scott_Miller but the trans will still build up some heat. if you want to run one mount it whereever it can get aitflow but not get whacked and leak.
22:01:12 : dirtracer14 i have run the tci trans for about 4 years...untill i got my new car and was worried about breaking it
22:01:29 : Scott_Miller I know its hard to not get whacked!
22:01:47 : cage86j i know which is easier to set up but, which is easier on your tranny the gate valve or the clutch valve?
22:01:49 : Scott_Miller 14 do you have access to a fax??
22:01:55 : dirtracer14 yes i do
22:02:19 : Scott_Miller email it to me at and i'll fax you a diagram!
22:02:37 : dirtracer14 ok i will
22:02:39 : mike just make sure you don't tie wrap the cooler to the front of the radiator! (long story about one of the local mods) lol
22:03:14 : Scott_Miller clutch valve is easier
22:03:27 : dirtracer14 hey scott i am wanting to go back to the tci trans for next year ....but needed someone to talk to about a few things.....i can email you with??
22:03:28 : Scott_Miller or our new clutchless style
22:03:30 : cage86j alot easier!!
22:03:48 : Scott_Miller anytime or call 662-224-8972 ext 332
22:05:02 : dirtracer14 ok scott we broke a tci one time and need to get the red gasket thing??? is that somthing i could order?
22:05:22 : Scott_Miller metal plate or actual gasket??
22:05:33 : dirtracer14 its like allum red
22:05:49 : dirtracer14 no the thing with all the holes
22:05:55 : Scott_Miller yes you can get the seperator plate by itself
22:06:17 : dirtracer14 i have 3 of the tci trans...with internal dump
22:06:22 : Scott_Miller email or call and i'll get you the price
22:06:45 : Scott_Miller where do you race?
22:06:57 : dirtracer14 should i go to the new no dump trans?
22:06:57 : Scott_Miller
22:07:07 : dirtracer14 i race in Wa state
22:07:11 : Scott_Miller its alot smoother and no pedals needed!
22:07:42 : dirtracer14 can i use reverse....and load with it?
22:07:51 : Scott_Miller yes on both
22:07:59 : dirtracer14 i load with my trans...allways have
22:08:21 : Scott_Miller not a prob
22:08:42 : dirtracer14 what does it cost to convert....can i have my trans guy do it or does it have to go back?
22:09:54 : Scott_Miller It's a completely different valve body.
22:09:55 : dirt46 what fluid should I use?
22:10:04 : dirtracer14 oh ok
22:10:21 : dirtracer14 i will stick with the old style....never had a prob with em
22:11:36 : Scott_Miller i can give you credit on your if it ain't broke don't fix it!!
22:12:38 : outlaw17 what's the advantage of a glide over a lightened 3 spd and mini clutch
22:13:09 : Scott_Miller no shifting
22:13:23 : outlaw17 thats it
22:13:30 : dirtracer14 weight wise?
22:13:57 : Scott_Miller the rotating weight on a lightend glide is 14lbs
22:14:27 : Scott_Miller std wt is 20
22:14:29 : outlaw17 i see
22:14:48 : outlaw17 durability?
22:15:31 : Scott_Miller with fluid changes every 150-200 laps i know guys that put 5000 laps on them
22:18:29 : dirtracer14 back to the weight how do i know if i have a light weight one?
22:19:02 : dirtracer14 and if not the light one then its 20# counting the hub and all the internals
22:19:28 : dirtracer14 or is that just whats in the trans?
22:19:51 : Scott_Miller yes. thats complete
22:20:33 : dirtracer14 so its just a tad more than just a clutch ....not counting the gears and shaft in a stick trans
22:20:47 : Scott_Miller the light one has to be ordered that way
22:21:07 : dirtracer14 oh ok i got the heavy lol
22:21:35 : dirtracer14 but i miss the respones on starts and restarts
22:21:45 : Scott_Miller if I remember right a std 3 speed with everything has about 30-40 lbs rotating wt
22:21:47 : dirtracer14 from when i ran the glide
22:23:59 : Pat does tci make a trans for a 2300 ministock ?
22:24:31 : Scott_Miller what flavor motor??
22:24:43 : Pat 2300 ford
22:25:32 : Scott_Miller we don't have anything for them.
22:25:57 : Pat thanks looking for more speed out of the corners ?
22:26:03 : jammin Scott, Mini Stocks are getting big, that might need to be something TCI looks at in the future.
22:26:22 : Scott_Miller we can probably do a converter
22:26:25 : dirtracer14 they are here also jammin
22:26:31 : Scott_Miller right now
22:27:09 : jammin Scott, do you guys refin converters on request?
22:27:21 : jammin custom?
22:27:31 : Scott_Miller yes to both
22:28:32 : jammin Well, Scott, we really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to make it here
22:28:44 : jammin Thanks a million for helping all of us
22:29:14 : Scott_Miller no problem, maybe we can do this again sometime
22:30:04 : jammin OK.....Scott, thanks again! We enjoyed it!
22:30:16 : Scott_Miller ok bye!!

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