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Author Topic:   Prayers and thoughts go out from The Dirt Forum to everyone!
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posted September 12, 2001 06:55 PM UIN: 16262997
It's a sad sad thing when someone takes an innocent life to prove a point. In a smaller analogy, it would be like someone spinning you out to win a race. It isn't right. It's not fair. It's not fair to have someone of this caliber to be able to do something like this to anyone. I hope all The Dirt Forum users will take a moment for all these people that parished in this incident. It really puts perspective on things sometimes when things like this happen. I hope that everyone will pray for these people and their loved ones. We have a lot of members from NY on this forum. I hope and pray that everyone is ok. Please reply to this message if you have any special requests of know of anyone that has been directly involved in this.........We want to know.....


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posted September 12, 2001 09:05 PM

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posted September 13, 2001 07:21 AM
My Uncle is an electrical engineer who had worked for years on the WTC towers. I talked to my aunt (who watched it happen from only blocks away from in her office building) and she said my uncle is now in somewhat of a financial ruin. For reasons only God knows, he had decided to skip his 9am meeting in the towers that morning and to work from home.
Now all this means literally nothing in comparison to the immeasurable loss of life in all 3 locations of this disaster, nor does it amount to anything in comparison to what is seemingly about to unfold across the globe. My entire family (including our 4yr old, because she's sick of watching CNN) is praying for this to be over, and I hope everyone guiding the events yet to unfold is able to channel their emotions accurately enough to single out the sources of the problem and not just literally wipe out the entire middle eastern world...

....From sea to shining sea....
Dayton Umholtz, owner
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posted September 13, 2001 09:09 AM
We must also think of the individuals in the military that will be setting next to phone waiting for it to ring.We all know this is not over.I will pray for the lives lost,destroyed,and altered by this terrible thing.

Donnie Ross
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posted September 15, 2001 06:39 AM
as member of the reserves I'm waiting by the
phone,whatever we do they deserve.However I
agree with punishing the guilty not the innocent.there many muslims who do not support terrorism in fact many more than those that do,evil people are evil no matter what religion or political banner they hide under.there are many who claim to be christians who don't act it and I suspect the same is true about Islam.

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posted September 25, 2001 01:29 AM
I must start by saying that I am saddened by what happened. I live in Carlin, NV. I am a long way from the tragedy but I am STILL AN AMERICAN, as all of the town I live in. My town is 2500 strong and on the forth of July we had an independance day parade. In that parade we had seven entries(floats). We also had about 1000-1500 people watching the parade. On the 20 of Sept. we had a Patarotic parade. We had 100-150 enteries. (and the whole town knew about this parade three days in advance where as on the forth we have a parade every year) And we had mabey 20 people watching the parade, cause they were all in the parade.

I must also say that I might be two short on my pit crew for the next little while, as my brother and crew chief is an army reserve. And my asst. crew chief and my best friend is an airforce reserve. They are both on ready alert, and not supposed to leave town. I don't have a track in my town, I gotta travel to race. And at my home track(Summit Raceway in Elko,NV) we had a candle light vigil where all the drivers, crew, sponsors, and track officals lit a candle and set them on the turn 1-2 wall. That was a spectacular sight. And on all the racecars we all had a flag of some kind. Weather it be a stick on or a flag on a pole that was attached to your car, we all had one. That is what americans are all about.

Words can not describe the sadness and anger that I feel right now, but I don't and the rest of the world wouldn't support genocide. But in the same breath we need to take action and not lay down and take this one. I could go on for a while longer but this is long enough. I pray for the comfort and safety of everyone that has lost a loved one, and the ones that might lose a loved one. I also pray that my brother and best friend are returned safely to the race track to race another day.

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posted September 26, 2001 04:15 AM
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. The American spirit lives on.


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