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Author Topic:   Tell us about your first car!!!!
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posted March 21, 2001 08:45 PM
Mine was a real P.O.S.! I found some old malibu that a guy had behind his shop. It already had a cage in it, but it had been hit real hard. I went and bought an old 305 from the junk yard and through it in, carb and all. Its amazing that the thing ran.(I barely knew how to change a set of spark plug back then!) The thing had stock springs, old shocks, 7 inch wheels, 75 series tires. I got lapped in hot laps, but it was enough to get me hooked!!

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posted March 21, 2001 09:37 PM
It was 1975, I was still in school and working at Mcdonalds. A friend and I came up with a 66 buick special, had a 310 wildcat engine, oooooweeeee! We hit the track with a 2 point roll cage, corigated tin fire wall, windsheild with working wipers on dirt, a full bench seat with seat belts that wouldn't hold you upright in the seat. We got a set of tires when my stepdad bought new tires for his truck (we offered to haul the old ones off for him, LOL) The car didn't last long but we sure did have a good time. After that I helped on a car for a couple of years and when I returned I had a much better car and Idea of what it was all about. Thanks for asking

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posted March 21, 2001 09:45 PM
wow Roost that's neat....i don't think i even had my first bike yet.but for my first car....i'm still drivin it.and thanks to my friends this stuff is fun.

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posted March 22, 2001 06:37 PM
This was my brother-in-law's first race. My brother-in-law gave the car away because it supposedly had a locked up motor. I put a battery in it and drove it home. This all occurred 4 days before the enduro race. Took out the glass, except the windshield, and welded the rearend. Made a hoop out of spare exhaust pipe and laid the gas tank in the trunk. We sold the car the day before the race for $50 (any condition, when race was over). We drove it 20 miles and painted the number "DIAL 911" on it and drove it 20 more miles down the interstate to the track. When at the track, we kicked out the windshield and removed the plastic. We begged the tech man to let us race. My brother-in-law won the coin toss for who got to drive. There was an accident in the first lap that red flagged the race. We started to smoke and had to be pushed back to the pits. The car burned to the ground, pits in havoc, moving cars, personal vehicles, people running. We duck out while the getting is good.

Man, what a blast. Wouldn't trade the memory for anything, but wouldn't do it again. I still race, but my brother-in-law hasn't been back since.

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