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Author Topic:   jammin
Crazzy 4 Racin
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posted May 22, 2000 02:09 AM
jammin i just was curious as to what your racing back round was. you seem to know alot about race cars. were you a driver or mechanic or both? what classes did you race or do you race? and the number of years you have been at it.

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posted May 22, 2000 07:46 AM UIN: 16262997
I am a driver and mechanic. I have been racing since I was 18 years old. I am 31 now. I started out helping out on a C-class car when I was 16. Moved to helping on a Limited Late when I was 17. Worked on and driven cars that range from Pure Stocks all the way up to Lates. Been doing this stuff for a long time now. Picked up info everywhere. Just been doing it a long time and have some valuable experience in what we do. The modifieds are definitely the place to expand your knowledge on chassis development. With the tires we run, you can tell in a heartbeat if your doing what you set out to do or not.....

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