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Author Topic:   Sponsor question
Dirt Full Roller

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posted February 05, 2003 02:58 PM
Hey everyone! What do the majority of you racers have on your car for the sponsors? Name only, or Name and phone number, or anything else that you all have would be great. Thanks!


Dirt Forum Racer

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posted February 05, 2003 10:03 PM
name and phone number/ sometimes

jhon hollomon
Dirt Maniac

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posted February 05, 2003 10:11 PM
Hey Donnie. I usually ask them how they would like it to read and look. Most of mine just give me a business card or something with their logo on it that I can take to the sign shop and have scanned. One good point of advice I can give you is take the car with you if possible when looking for sponsors. That way they see what they are putting their name on.Plus you can figure out where they want their name and how much. Good luck.

Dirt Maniac

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posted February 06, 2003 08:20 AM
just the name and very few numbers

RebelYell 10
Dirt Roller

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posted February 06, 2003 10:31 AM
I go with name, town, and phone #

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted February 06, 2003 08:42 PM
It depends on how much they give ya. If you only get $100 and have to spend $40-$50 on stickers then its hardly worth it. I have a $100 dollar club on my trunk where I put smaller stickers for those who can only contribute a little. It is better than nothing though and every little bit counts. At the beginning of the year I take a nice picture of the newly painted car and take the trunk off and put it by the back tire so everyone is seen. It makes everyone happy!!

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