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Author Topic:   Where in power curves do you want to be?
Dirt Freak

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posted January 28, 2003 02:29 PM UIN: 13209501
Where do you want your tq and hp peaks to be in relation to where you are on the track? I am guessing TQ peak shortly after you come off the corner? Or would you want it sooner? Should you reach your hp peak before the end of the straight, or what? I am trying to put together a gear/cam combo for a 9:1 motor with cast iron intake and exhaust on a 1/2 mile track. This would be a good thing to know in general though I think.


rico 08
Dirt Freak

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posted January 29, 2003 01:22 PM
you may want you're peak tq off the corner a bit to prevent wheelspin maybe but i always ran my motors about 500 rpm past peak hp before i let off for corner.

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