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Author Topic:   ford solenoid
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posted January 24, 2003 10:59 PM
I was just wondering why alot of
guys run a ford solenoid on a chevy?
Is it because the stock one gets to
hot that close to the exhaust?

Lil Red
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posted January 24, 2003 11:12 PM
A friend was just at our race shop and said we should add a Ford solenoid. He claims if there would be a problem causing the main hot wire on the starter to come loose/burn loose, the car would continue running with a Ford solenoid. Electrical is not my speciality, so I can't say one way or the other.

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posted January 25, 2003 09:45 AM UIN: 54865418
there is alot of reasons why it's a good idea to use one first off it does help with heat you can mount it anywhere you like on the car second of all it makes it alot easier to get at to jump it incase there is a problem with it this way a crew member can just reach inside the car to jump it instead of crawling under the car another thing it keep the main power wire from getting cut off and shorting out and causeing a fire in a big crash. another reason you can turn the motor over without it firing this helps to set valves,putting belts on, and helps to start the engine with the advance timing we run you can get the motor turning then turn the ignition power on and it is alot easier on the starter that way\. if you go in the engine forum and so a search about ford silinoids it tells you other advantages and how to wire it up

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posted January 26, 2003 11:54 AM
It is done to elimate a large 12 volt wire running to the starter.

With a ford solonoid, you only have 12 volts running to the starter when it is actually turning the motor over, not all the time.

(your friend is saying that its better to not have a 12 volt wire running to the starter, in case it gets melted, hes right)

Everything else mentioned above is just preffered ways of wiring and can be done without or with a ford solonoid.

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posted January 26, 2003 11:41 PM
Please explain this large 12 volt wire thing. I always run a "large" 12 volt wire to and from my Ford solenoid. Am I missing something?

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posted January 27, 2003 07:27 AM
tilley, the key is to keep the solenoid close to the battery. the "always hot" wire will be short and you'll have less of a chance for there to be a problem.

the wires running from the solenoid to the starter are only "hot" when you're cranking the engine over.

both wires to the large studs on the solenoid should be "large". i use 2 guage for the big wires and 10 guage for the little wire from the solenoid to the starter.

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posted January 27, 2003 11:07 AM
In other words.. Mount a ford solenoid around the firewall area,(or wherever you can). Run a hot battery cable to one side, and another cable from the other side to your starter. Now remove the small switched wire from the starter, and run it to the small post on the ford solenoid. Put a jumper wire from the large post on the starter to the small post on the starter. Now you will only have a hot wire in the starter area when you push the start button. I learned this when my hedder fell off while leading a race, melting my starter wires, shorting the electrical system.

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posted January 27, 2003 01:21 PM
O.K., I did'nt miss nuthin.

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posted January 27, 2003 06:00 PM
All well said, especially mounting the solonoid near the battery!!!!!


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posted January 27, 2003 07:24 PM
I prefer using a steel homeade "strap"as apose to a large wire as a jumper on the starter.I feel this will give better transfer of the current.Also I feel in a long crank situation it also acts as a heat sink.What I done was use a 3/4inch x 1/8inch strap Drill a 3/8th hole in one end and then a 3/16th i think in the small end.Before I drill the small one it has to be bent in a crook.I use the starter to do this til i get it right.That is only my opinion.Hope this helps.

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