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Author Topic:   Should i stick with my 305 Heads?
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posted December 21, 2002 05:56 PM
I am running a 79 monte carlo on a long 3/8 track. The track has recently went back to dirt, but on the asphalt i was running 5500 rpm. I was running a flat top 350 with 601 casting 305 heads and a 480 lift cam. I really liked the way the motor pulled. I am wondering how much gain if any i would notice with a set of double humps. 462 ?

pearl jam3
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posted December 26, 2002 08:20 PM
i would go with the 462 castings, they seem to breathe better than the 601 and with a little mill work you can get about the same compression.your only losing about 6cc.

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posted December 26, 2002 09:43 PM
what kind of milling are you talking about because I plan on doing the same thing.

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posted December 27, 2002 01:28 PM
stealth, you can take your heads to a good machine shop and get them to shave alittle off the bottom of the head and it will raise the compression.

pearl jam3
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posted December 27, 2002 08:59 PM
a good machine shop can true your heads up and gain a little more compression, now their is a fine line between truing and angle milling, and that has been an argument between tech guys and racers for years but pushing the grey areas of rules is what its all about. just be sure and check your piston to valve clearance before you crank it over.

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