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Author Topic:   Metric Car Driveshaft (Muncie to 9")
Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 10, 2002 06:36 AM
Getting to the last few items to buy to set up my car.
Question is when mounting the driveshaft between the muncie and a Ford 9" rearend, do you need different universal joint's or anything?
Is there a upgrade I need to use, to work better?
Why buy wrong when this site is available.

Dirt Freak

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posted December 10, 2002 10:03 AM
A lot of variables here:
Muncies have two different output shafts (27 and 32 spline). The smaller 27 spline output shaft (normally came on models with 10 spline input shafts)uses the same slip yoke as a Saginaw and Turbo 350 .... and the large 32 spline output shaft (normally found on 26 spline input shaft models)uses the same slip yoke as the Turbo 400 and Borg Warner Super T-10 (except Super T-10's out of '82 Camaro's which had a 27 spline output shaft). IIRC both of these slip yokes (large and small) came with internal and external snap ring u-joint versions.

In so far as the u-joint at the 3rd member end of the driveshaft ..... there are many possibilities here as well. Your drive shaft may be set up for internal or external snap ring style u-joints and ... there are more than a couple different yokes (different in terms of length, u-joint width and bearing cap size).

Your best bet is to discuss this with your driveline balancer (you are getting your driveshaft re-sized and balanced, I hope). bring your third member (or yoke) in so you get the correct rear joint (you can wind up with something that is close, but not correct otherwise .... don't ask how I know this).

Good Luck,


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