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Author Topic:   Tire Stagger for Metric Chassis
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posted November 06, 2002 12:32 PM
Haven't worked with a stock chassis in awhile and need a starting point for rollout. I've heard the Metric cars tend to be a little tight, so I'm thinking about starting out with:

P275/60 (28 inch diameter) on the RR
P255/60's (27 inch diameter) everywhere else

With no rear stagger on this car the left rear raises 1/2 inch off of the floor before the right when jacking up the car from the center of the rear-end.

From your experience with these cars, does this look to be enough stagger to get the car to turn? Thank you!

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posted November 06, 2002 01:39 PM UIN: 54865418
going to need to know more about your setup springs and stuff myself i run 4 inches on the front and 0-2 on the rear depending on track. i cant run weight jacks so stagger is the only real way i have to get some big changes in the car. but every car is different so try to get on a set of scales if you can that will tell you where you need to be

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posted November 06, 2002 01:46 PM
my experience with metrics is they don't require a lot of tire stagger,this is just my opinion and it sounds as though,the way you describe it,you have no rear bite in you're car on onother post a guy had 6-8 inches on rr over the lr(200 lbs of bite)he said it really worked good.and tire stagger is not measured in dia(27-28inches)it's circumference so take one inch x 3.14 and you got 3 inches of stagger 17j uses only 2" max so that's probably a little too much(i only use 1" and sometimes reverse stagger)

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posted November 07, 2002 12:32 PM
Thanks guys,
I think you are saying that you both prefer left rear bite. I wasn't sure if the difference in rollout was needed to get these cars to turn. I think to start, I might take the 1/2 inch out of the right rear and run heads-up on the rear rollout.

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