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Author Topic:   helmet cam
Dirt Freak

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posted November 05, 2002 05:50 PM
Anyone tried "jerry riggin" a camera to work inside you're helmet? I've came across a camera that is 1"X1"x2/3" that uses RCA plugs to plug into a camcorder and runs off a 9V battery. I'm thinking about trying this next year and was wanting to know if anyone else has done it..................or am i on to something?

Dirt Maniac

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posted November 05, 2002 06:36 PM
i am thinking of trying an onboard camrera. how much would that little camrera like you are talking about? have you ran an onboard? any suggestions about mounting?

Dirt Freak

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posted November 05, 2002 07:33 PM
i thought about running onboard but havent figured a way to use tear-offs on the camcorder, LOL. I found the camera on ebay figured what the hay, i've wasted more money than that at the bar on fridays and alls that got me was a hang over.

Dirt Roller

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posted November 05, 2002 08:31 PM
LOL, obviously I am not the only one who has been thinking about this. If anyone has any info on where to get an inexpensive mini-camera for racing........please post.

Dirt Maniac

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posted November 06, 2002 11:19 PM
That is a good idea but I am pretty sure where we race, they would definantly frown on it.
Oh, if ya ever figure out how to use tearoffs on a camcorder, let me know. LOL

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Dirt Roller

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posted November 06, 2002 11:35 PM
Actually this past year there was a film crew at out track (Devils Bowl Speedway Dallas Texas) getting footage for a documentary about dirt track racing. They put mini cams in a few different cars. They had front angles, back angles, driver angles, and rear quarter angles. the shots were awsome. As far as the tear-off issue we made a bracket out of 1/2" pvc that the mini-cam mounted to and put an automatic roller, like the ones on helmets, on the outside of the plexi-glass window. The roller was connected to a two speed timer( one for heat races and one for feature races). This really gave great info on driver techniques as well as weak spots. Hopefully this will get your gears spinning and you can figure out a design for your application! Good luck.

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Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 07, 2002 12:17 PM
Hey Nuts4racing,
Do you know which remote mini cam (brand,type) was used?

jhon hollomon
Dirt Maniac

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posted November 07, 2002 09:31 PM
Just curious, who did the documentary? Will it be on television?

Dirt Roller

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posted November 09, 2002 11:58 PM
Sorry but I don't know the types of camera's they were using. But I can find out in a couple of weeks for ya. They are going to be following me through the off season as a newcommer to the sport while I get my first car ready to race! As for who they are, they are just some independant's trying to put a piece together, hoping to have H.B.O. or one of the other cable networks to run it. It's supposed to be an hour and a half long film. I'm sure they will let me know when something happens. I'm trying to get some sponsorship's together so I can ensure that I will be ready to race by this next season. I'm the only one footing the bill right now so things are getting rough. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If anyone knows someone that might be interested in helping out and possibly getting some national airtime for their business name please contact me at my e-mail address "". Thanks and good luck to everybody!!

Dirt Roller

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posted November 11, 2002 10:24 AM
I just posted this same question a couple of days ago on the WAR tech board. I am currently looking into small security cameras.

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Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 16, 2002 02:03 AM
Found this site on the web, might be interesting.

I read some were that the mini spy cameras do not work well, but it will be interesting to find out. Keep us posted

Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 16, 2002 03:10 AM
i have seen regular video cameras used in cars before. those guys just used a electric
tear off set up that was tied in with the
drivers tear off button. i am sure with all, y'all can find
something that would work that is smaller,
lighter, and a lot "higher tech" than the
Panasonic VHS that they used.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 26, 2002 05:50 PM
just got the "mini cam"that was on ebay,28 bucks total .seems to work really well.can't wait to try it in the race car.gonna use it as a "suspension cam "to see what is really going on down there.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 06, 2002 10:51 PM
You can check with some security shops... I know they are getting smaller, cheaper and better quality all the time. I am not sure how durable they are for using them in a dirt track car but for what you could learn to correct and refine your skills on the track >> it would be worth it!

Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 09, 2002 02:18 PM
We had a guy weld a small bracket in his roll cage for a regular sized camcorder. Kept it just inside the car up by the roof. Never really needed tear offs. When you are in front most of the time it helps, but makes for some boring video. Good foam padding all around it was also a really good idea. Had a hinged door at the back for getting the camera in and out.

The Outlaw
Dirt Maniac

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posted December 09, 2002 03:50 PM
a friend of mine who works on peoples race cars around here builds camera holders out of wood, they are awesome, he has one in his own car.........

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