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Author Topic:   Turbo350- no fluid in cooler
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posted November 01, 2002 11:14 PM
I installed a Turbo350 and torque converter this week. The trans set for 5 seasons and was running well when it was pulled out. The output shaft turns when the trans is in gear but there is no fluid pumped out through the cooler lines. No restrictions in the cooler. I dont remember if I removed the pressure tap plugs with it in park or low. It kind of looked dry there as well.

Quart of fluid in the converter and 5 in the pan. I have a 1/4 inch midplate which is different than what was run before so I unbolted and pushed the converter all the way into the trans to make sure it engaged the pump. Then spun it by hand to see if any fluid would flow through the cooler outlet. No fluid. I blew a little air into the cooler pressure and return ports and the air exited freely through the front of the pump(converter removed).

I pulled apart the pump, visually looks clean, didnt see any obvious restrictions. Pulled the valve body, the spring loaded valves move. Vacuum modulator valve is removed. Trans filter is clean.

I see in a manual where there is a pump pressure screen, I will check that tomorrow. Any suggestions on what/where the problem might be? Thanks.

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posted November 02, 2002 12:14 AM
You have to turn thr convertor in order to make it seat right and also if I remember right the convertor holds more fluid

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posted November 02, 2002 02:22 AM UIN: 54865418
you should feal 3 clicks on the converter to be sure you are fully in may look and feal like it but sometimes it doesn't seat

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posted November 02, 2002 04:56 AM
You guys may be right. I just looked up the fluid capacity and the book says 9-10 quarts w/o cooler. I vaguely remember this one needing something like 13 quarts with the large B&M cooler that I had mounted at the rear of the cage on my 'first' car. With 5 quarts in the pan the stick shows overfull so I stopped adding fluid. Additionally, this book also states - the front of the converter should be one inch or more behind the front face of the the bellhousing. I'll get another case of oil and reinstall.

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posted November 02, 2002 07:16 AM
when the converter is properly installed, as in all the way in, you should not be able to get your fingers in behind it, down at the bottom where the cutaway is, you should check that..... it is normal then after installation that you will have to draw the converter slightly forward to bolt it to the flexplate.
be careful to not kill the pump gears. ford5

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posted November 02, 2002 09:53 AM
you said you took the pump apart but I didn'thear anything about the drive lugs on gear .5qts in a stock 350 is about half full.I rebuilt a t-350 for a customer about a month later he said it would neutralize going around the corners he had a leak the fluid was low and when he cornered the filter wasn't submerged in fluid.

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