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Author Topic:   Early 70's Chevelle chassis, Almost was sleeping in it.
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posted November 01, 2002 07:49 AM
Well as it happens to all of us in moments of weakness. I bought a 2nd car for next season for a friend to drive. My wife flipped, due to the lack of discussion on the topic of "Where are you gona put one more toy?" and my personal favorite "You said you would get rid of one before you brought another home" ..
But its home and its staying!!
So now all the questions will start flowing!!
I know ZERO about a chevelle front clip, have never touched one, have always had camaros, or metric chassis. What is the pros and cons of the chevelles.
Car is a 3000# SS/Pro Stock.
What swaps work. I was thinking of the pinto spindles or metric spindles?
What lower arms will swap on to these,

Just nosing some light weight front suspension ideas around!!

For all you mid/western guys just got back from a cross country drive from NY-CO-NY. Man I love it out west, Nebraska, Iowa and IL.. Great country out there!!

Later All; widebody

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