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Author Topic:   camaro or monte carlo
Dirt Roller

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posted October 31, 2002 09:03 PM
I have traded for two different chassis this year to build over the winter. I have a caged camaro leaf car and a bare monte carlo that needs a cage. Which one would you guys keep to race and which one would you sell. both cars will be full rollers before january. I think I would prefer the coil spring four bar set up of the monte carlo, but I dont know which would be the faster car. I need some serious input here. thanks.

Dirt Roller

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posted October 31, 2002 09:18 PM
The leaf spring car is more forgiving and easier to drive, but one hit in the back hard and it can jam your leaf springs and you have a problem. It is a bugger to get it straightened out so it won't bind up. The coil spring car can take more punishment in the rear with fewer problems and it is easier to change coils. Just my opinion.

Dirt Freak

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posted November 01, 2002 07:42 AM
If it's a metric Monte, it won't take a hit very well either. Go with the Monte, sell me the Camaro next spring! Just kidding......maybe not!

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