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Author Topic:   Power to Manual ??
Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 18, 2002 01:52 AM
I want to convert my Power Brake set up on my metric chassis to a Manual Brake set up
What is the Best master cylinder to use and what ohter parts or mods to I need to use or make to have this set up work correctly?

One car is Disc front and rear (ford nine inch) The other is a Disc Drum set up ?

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 18, 2002 02:26 AM
On my monte carlo and my buick I run manual brakes. All I did was go to the nearest parts house and had them order me the manual brake set up. It cost me like $30.00... I dont think the brand really matters as long as it works. Hope I helped you out sorry if i didnt just go to the nearest parts house and order the manual brake set up. Oh YEAH it's only about a 10 15 min job....

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