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Author Topic:   getting started
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posted August 03, 2002 11:02 AM
I have a 76 cougar Street Stock, ready to go minus engine and trans. A buddy has a 302 he rebuilt and wants to put in it so i can get some seat time for next year. His trans is auto. I know that an auto runs hotter than a manual, but is this a serious problem? I don't plan on banging up front right away, just want to get the feel for the girl before I turn her loose next year. Does this seem like a logical way to start? Thanx everyone!

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posted August 03, 2002 02:01 PM UIN: 54865418
myself i would do it right the first time a car will handle different the faster you go another thing in theses entry level classes if your running twords the back you tend to break alot of stuff that isn't always your fault. as far as an auto tranny that will work just fine i'm not to knowledgeable on ford stuff but in my t-350 i don't run anytype of cooler on it and have had no problems i just keep up with fluid changes change it everytime you change your engine oil

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