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Author Topic:   building a racecar
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posted July 02, 2002 02:43 PM
how hard would it be for a couple of 16yr old kids (2 to be exact) to build a factory/hobby stock???? got to hot lap a bad a$$ mopar and everybody says im ready to race!!!!! well im tired of waiting for dad, so how long would it take to build a car??? Anything i should know? Is it cheaper just to buy a car thats already built?

my dad is intent on me building/getting me own car, because him and his brother had to (his first car a studebaker he bot for $50)

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posted July 02, 2002 05:14 PM
man i've been in your shoes.just a couple years back to be honest.
you and your buddy could probobly build a car but you'll most likely give up on it or end up hating each other.yer better off to buy a decent used one.
if you are interested i might have both of my cars for of em cheap.shoot me a pm.

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posted July 03, 2002 03:19 AM UIN: 54865418
it will cost you about half the money and half the time to get something used but make sure it's not used up either just do like i did get one and then when it's pretty much shot cut the cage out and put it in a new one and try your own design after you have a couple years under your belt you'll want to try something new

redneck racing
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posted July 04, 2002 06:40 PM
Built my Nova from the ground up back in 95 and have been making up grades every winter since. Bent every single piece of pipe thats in that car and i can tell you if i knew then what i know now id of bought a cage kit, but i agree with the other 2 gents it is easier to buy a car than it is to build one building takes alot of time and effort if your mind set on building a car have a proffessional put the cage in it for you and then go from there costs some money but you have piece of mind in the quality of your cage if not buying a used car might be the ticket for you. Good Luck Eddie

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