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Author Topic:   Rear Gears and Axles
Dirt Maniac

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posted July 02, 2002 08:03 AM
With so many brand names, different prices, and so on, what rear end gear sets and aftermarket axles would be worth looking into for a Ford 9" in a heavy street stock. I'm wanting to build a solid, worry-free rear end that I can trust, you know?

unregistered Total posts: 174
posted July 02, 2002 10:11 PM
Ring and pinions are produced by one manufacturer who in turn sends it to distributors i.e. Richmond. So it really doesn't mean if you pay less for a set that you are getting less reliable parts. I have always gotten mine from National Drivetrain. After shipping and handling about $165. 1-800-770-4327 or 1-800-507-4327. This winter, there were several tradeshows and auctions that vendors were selling sets for $119. I've never in 9 years of using ford 9" had a lick of problems with gears. Axles will have to be someone else's area since I haven;t done much research because I haven't had problems with stock ones when I have used thme and my floater came with ones as a whole rearend.

redneck racing
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posted July 04, 2002 06:42 PM
Stock Car Products sell Ford 9 in rear ends and all the goodies they seem to be fair priced. Eddie

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posted July 14, 2002 09:48 PM
axles and gears

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