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Author Topic:   pinion angles
Dirt Roller

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posted June 08, 2002 04:18 PM
has anybody tried changing the pinion angle to tighten or loosen the car ?
just wondering if thats maybe my next tuning tool

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 09, 2002 10:59 AM
Pinion angle has NOTHING to do with traction. it is only there so keep the u-joints straight when the rearend twists back under power. The changes made to the suspension to get pinion angle may increase traction, but the angle of the driveshaft itself has no affect.
the only way it could increase traction is if the rearend was using the driveshaft as a torque arm and lifting up on the tranny. which would be bad for the driveshaft and the tailhousing.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 09, 2002 03:34 PM
Spot on o5racer, thats just what i was going to post myself.

Dirt Roller

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posted June 09, 2002 05:46 PM
ok thanx for saving my u joints and driveshaft.
back to the books for my next lesson
again thanx guys

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