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Author Topic:   new car bugs
speed racer 91d
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posted April 13, 2002 09:22 PM UIN: 93647290
gots some ?
i run a pure stock on a 1/4 mile semi banked dirt oval need help with rear percentige whith a 1977 mote carlo could also use some help with left rear weight and ls % race day is this friday thanks

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posted April 16, 2002 11:24 PM
Hello Speed racer. Welcome to the forum. There has been alot of discussion on this topic lately. Read through them,I'm sure you will find something helpfull. A few thoughts on weight.........

1) Be at minimum weight.
2) 52-54% left and rear is the general consensus.......I like 53 left,54 rear
3) The amount of gutting,placement of components such as engine,seat,battery,etc, will determine how much rear percent you can get and still meet minimum weight. If I could not reach at least 53 rear and meet minimum weight, I would exceed minimum to the point where I achieved 53. I would test both ways, You may find that the extra weight will help more than it hurts.

If on the other hand,I was at 54 % rear,and not meeting minimum, Then I would continue to add rear % untill minimum was met.

4) You should assume that your rear end is not square. AS you add or subtract weight, the rear end will skew. This is one reason why sometimes a change in weight will not have the desired effect.........So, when is your rear end square ? Your car could be improved by leading one tire.....But, I think you should at least start with the rear end square, to have a good inital baseline to tune from....

Good Luck

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