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Author Topic:   which class to run in?
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posted February 21, 2002 08:05 AM
this is gonna be my first year in racing and my tracks classes are pure stock, street stock and then the modifieds, i know i should start out in the lowest class but there are so many cars and the pure stock class looks like they are pretty rough. the car i have is more set up for a street stock class, i am not going to be able to run each week, maybe 2 weekends out of the month and i thought heck just run in the st. stock class and maybe i wont tear the thing up so bad. any body have any comments on my predicament? also there arent near as many street stocks to race against and i thought i might get a better chance to finish "in the money"

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posted February 21, 2002 09:45 AM
I ran into the exact same problem.
First look at how much seat time each class offers. At my track the Hobby class only gets 12 laps with no qualifiers. so with Hot laps you @16-18 laps a night. The Street Stock on the other hand get 6-8 warm up laps, 8 lap qualifer, 4-6 hot laps than a 20 lap feature.
I opted to run around a bit off the pace in the Street Stock class for th extra seat time. I might have ran 2-3 times a month, but by the end of the season had more seat time and a better quality of seat time.
Heres what I learned.
1. I learned how to control my car at speed, at be under control while getting passed.
2. I learned how to make my car work better and learned to go faster and coinsitancy.
3. I gained much respect from other drivers, for working my way up the ranks so to speak.
4. I got some payout money!
5. By the end of the season my once off the pace car/driving was putting me in 10-15 place range, when I started I was finishing 25 or worst.
I would highly recomend driving in the better class and as you said they generally drive better and are not as rough. They generally have more money invested in the cars and equipment and dont want to trash it ever week. BUT with that said dont be that ***** ball(every track has them) who is way over his head and out of his league wrecking cars every week.

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posted February 21, 2002 11:20 AM UIN: 54865418
myself i race for two reasons to have fun and to win i was in the same boat you are in when i started i could only afford to run on pay day week so i got out about 2-3 times a month my car also was set up simular to the upper class but the few things diferent made a world of diference and there would be no way i could win baring a 19 car wreck and i was the only survivor in the hobby class. at my track the pay is very close and the laps are close to i get 18 laps in bombers or i would get 20 in hobby so thats no big deal.i lean just as much as i would racing the upper class and most of the torn up stuff was due to my driving off the hood the first few nites.basicly i see it this way do you want to drive a race car or do you want to race a race car believe one is a lot more fun then the other
hey wide if there is one thing i want to learn it's not how to get passed lol

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posted February 22, 2002 01:40 AM
If you can afford it race streetstocks I think driving with other experienced drivers helps you become better. Follow the points leader if you can follow his line learn by watching and learn by asking. On the other hand if you race purestocks you will be up against some other unexperienced guys and probally will be more competitive. To make a long story short(to late) race whatever class (that you can afford) that you think you will have the most FUN in.

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posted February 22, 2002 08:25 AM
i think ill start the season in pure stock and maybe go 2 or three races just to get the hang of it and then ill slap on my 10" wheels and my victor junior intake and try it with the big boys!! luckily the guy i bought the car from had like 20 wheels and tires (half of them beadlocks) for $250 and i jumped on it.....if anybody else has any comments they are welcome to post..i am so glad that i found the dirt forum, i feel like i have been racing for years on what i have learned from just reading all of the posts. thanks alot everybody and good luck this season!!!!1

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