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Author Topic:   upper control arm mounting
Dirt Maniac

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posted February 07, 2002 03:44 PM
This weeknd Im cutting off my stock upper A-arm mounts. I figured Id look at it for a week or 2 before I decide which type of mount I want and also what type of control arm.

Heres my questions.
Where should I position my mounts? I see them parallel to the frame and others 20* off inline with the lowers. I understand that this is for caster gain. Which is better and why???

My other question, should I go the extra bit and get the adjustable uppers(the type that uses slugs for fine adjustments).
AND/OR should I use the mounts that use the adjustable slugs....
OR should I just do it the old way with the standard 4 hole 2* of anti dive mount.

Can someone discuse the pros and cons of each mount type and the mounting positions.
Thanks; widebody

Dirt Maniac

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posted February 10, 2002 09:20 PM
Must be everyone is using stock uppers and stock mounts.
I mean SOL

Dirt Maniac

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posted February 11, 2002 06:19 AM
Sorry I canít really help. I must run stock uppers and lowers. I ran the uppers parallel with the frame and took out some anti-dive. Metric chassis. This really helped the car. It feels better and from what I was told it looked real easy to drive from the stands. Itís a little tight in and loose off, but it feels better that it has. I donít have to wave at everyone on exit. LOL. The car seems to be more consistent. Deed

Dirt Freak

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posted February 15, 2002 03:05 PM
Widebody, You couldn't get a reply....after I answer there will be tons of replies, the reason is people that don't know for sure won't answer a question....BUT they will argue to the death that what someone else said is wrong....

With that being said....... there is no right or wrong way to mount the upper control arm. It's in what the car needs, and the driver likes.....I personally like lots of CAMBER gain, but not any caster gain.
That is dictated by the tracks you race, the amount of camber gain needed.......

The differance in length between the upper and lower is a big part of where the upper needs to be located.......if you run a long lower like a Ford or Nova and a short (STOCK) upper the angle needs to be increased from the stock mount location.....
look at modifieds today, most are running a short arm straight out to the upper....this is to get lots of camber gain......then the other arm is long and facing back at 60 degrees.......allowing no caster gain.
for a stock upper I personally like to split the differance in angle....if the lower is at 20 degrees I put the upper mount between 10-12 degrees...........then I lower the front of the upper mount.....I take out anti-dive.......a race car doesn't need much, IF ANY........ You don't want the back end unloading when you get in the brake on corner entry............

in your email you asked about drag links and things......but never stated what front clip......You said full size metric...are we talking Impala???/ and if so are you planning on those pinto spindles????

if so call me.......we need to talk first...
You are looking at some EXTRA work

I will send you a P.M. with my phone number


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