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Author Topic:   Difference between Balance bar and Proportioning valve?
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posted February 04, 2002 06:19 PM
Curious as to what the difference is between a Balance bar and a Proportioning valve on the braking system?

My rules state no after-market brake apparatus to regulate brakes, but they do allow the drop pedals with dual masters. Which in my case, comes with a Balance bar.

Does a Balance Bar allow some adjustment of the brakes?


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posted February 05, 2002 06:00 PM
Most people GENERALLY consider the prop valve to be the "coarse" adjustment and the balance bar to be the "fine" adjustment. You'll still be ok if you can't use a prop valve... if you find that you need to go further one way or the other than what the balance bar travel allows you can always change some stuff around to get you to where you need to be.

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posted February 06, 2002 01:16 PM
Hi 4d Power,
I race over in the UK & we are on a tight budget.We run a balance bar & a proportioning/bias valve.The bias valve is taken from a street car (an old Austin Mini).The valve is preset & is used in the rear brakes on the Mini but i drill out the end of the valve casting to take a 1/2 inch ***** and this makes the pressure on the spring adjustable (a company over here called Aldon market the very same thing).The result is every bit as good as a Wilwood or any other make just a whole lot cheaper!
So if you must use stock parts you might find a similar part in your local junk yard you could modify.

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posted February 07, 2002 05:31 PM
Thanks for the help guys!!
I appreciate it.

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