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Author Topic:   cage
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posted January 08, 2002 04:52 PM
Hey people i was woundering what the safest lightest weight cage is for a hobby like scs termenator ect and what kind do all you guys and girls use thanks

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posted January 09, 2002 02:00 AM UIN: 54865418
i run a dixon chassis same town as sperminator but alot cheaper and you don't have to take it to him if you bend her up anybody can fix it if you have a welder we've had them roll ever way you could think of and nobody hurt i see your from des moines so it wouldn't be that far away for you he is in webster city

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posted January 09, 2002 06:03 AM
I run a canadien stock car (csc) cage in my chevelle and I was pleased with it, really easy to install if you have any fabrication skills and welding knowledge.The kit comes with all the ends fishmouthed and they build it for the year and make of your car.good cage and fairly cheap too.

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posted January 10, 2002 04:20 PM
That's the address to CSC Racing. There is a picture of my race car on there that I rolled over this past season. I had no problems at all with the cage. GREAT QUALITY and VERY affordable. Give them a look....I think they're worth it.

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posted January 11, 2002 01:40 AM UIN: 54865418
the only thing i don't like about the kit cages is if you are not a very good welder the best tubing and stuff does you no good and it would cost you just as much to have somebody else weld it as it would to find a local car builder to just build one of his design

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