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Author Topic:   Fans: Elec vs. Mech
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posted January 05, 2002 03:17 PM
I'm contemplating taking off my mechanical fan and sticking an electric fan to the radiator. Any of you guys use an electric fan? If so do you have it connected via a thermostat or just a switch that you turn off while running at speed and on while in the pits, under caution, etc...?


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posted January 05, 2002 09:05 PM
if you run one you need to run it to a switch, if not, when your car is off its gonna still going to run your battery down. if you ever have to shut your car down for a red flag your going to want all the battery you can get when you need to start it back up. i've also known people to use like lawnmower batteries just for there guages and fan.

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posted January 06, 2002 05:23 PM
We have tried using alot of different types of electric fans. We never could get them to cool enough.

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