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Author Topic:   9 in. ford
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posted December 31, 2001 12:45 AM
I want to upgrade my rear end to a 9 in. ford in my camaro. The only ones i can find have drum brakes. I've got access to several out of some mid 80's cop cars. Would they fit under my camaro? About how much would it cost to get them race ready (gear, spool, etc.)? I saw an ad in cirle track where you can get built to my specs for around $600. Which is the better way to go?

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posted December 31, 2001 01:27 AM UIN: 54865418
you could get by alot cheaper than that the brackets are like $20 each to mount the calipers find a set of metric front calipers i'm not sure what you you would need for rotors but i'm sure somebody on here can help you out with that one as far as gear that rearend your looking at would be just the housing i would imagine because a pumpkin set up with a mini spool from most part houses is gonna run you in the neiborhood of 400-500. i'd hit some swap meets this winter and see what you can find i've seen gears go for 2-300 at meets

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posted December 31, 2001 12:09 PM
If you're running a coil spring rear like I am (Malibu chassis) then where does everyone get the brackets to mount the control arms?

- Brian

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posted December 31, 2001 04:24 PM
when changing to a 9 inch ford, first make sure it has a narrower track than the front wheels . so generally the cop cars dont work as well , the swap meet idea is a good way to find a 3rd member. as for the coil sping cars i run a regal and i made my own brackets out of scrap.

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posted December 31, 2001 04:26 PM
A&A Manufacturing makes the brackets for your 9" Brian, They also make caliper brackets and leaf spring mounts and all kinds of stamped steel parts.

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posted December 31, 2001 11:52 PM UIN: 54865418
brian take the ones off the stock metric rear end and put them on the ford we make our own top mounts out or steel just messure and make them as close to the metric ones as you can i would have somebody that has done it before do it they should have a jig like we do

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posted January 01, 2002 08:42 AM
what u u need is from a 75 to 78 lincoln mark IV this is what we are using this is the body style tha has the spare tire made in to the trunk as if it is standing up it has the disc brake type rear end we run 3in offset on the right and 4 on the left and works good they usually go for about 150 to 200 they have the 5 in bolt pattern we have one fellow that took the rachet that locks the ford calibers out and are using the original set up with no problems this is on a CAMARO which you say u have

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