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Author Topic:   Help me please! A-arm tower location
Dirt Roller

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posted December 17, 2001 09:20 AM
I am in need of some info on Upper A-arm Tower location. I've been told by more than one street stocker that I need to cut and move the towers in order to get the right angle on the tire. I was told to move them back and to the left (toward drivers side)but I can't remember how much. I run a 74 Nova. Has anyone heard of this? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Rino

Dirt Roller

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posted December 18, 2001 08:07 PM
Rino, Here's a ball park that should get you fairly close and leave you some room for shims for a closer adjustment. Move both to the left about 1/2" and to the rear about 3/8". While your at it, you might want to lower the front of the tower to take out some anti-dive. The tower probably has about 8 to 10 degrees uphill toward the front, your might want to lower it to 2 or 3 degrees.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 18, 2001 09:05 PM
why is bump steer checked with the wheels straight? i am using a metric car and need info on front end parts to use Oldgold

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posted December 22, 2001 09:25 AM
bump steer is the variance in toe as the wheel travels up and down. WIth the wheels straight, shocks and springs off, you raise and lower the tire by placing a jack under the a arm while having the car on jack stands and level to ride height.

You can do this with a simple square and a tape to get it in the ball park. If the tire toes in or out, you need to change the mounting location of the tie rod end(s). By raising/lowering the tie rod centerline in relation to the lower ball joints you will change the bump steer. Be sure to not get your tie rod lengths way off from the length of the lower a arm or you will have other troubles.

Anti Dive is the cars ability to settle quickly under braking or decelleration. The factory raise the front of the upper a arm to add anti dive, great thing for passenger cars hauling groceries but bad for cars hauling a%%. You need some, but in this case more is not better. 5-8 degrees (front higher than back) should be fine but never less than 5 zero or negative.

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Dirt Maniac

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posted January 02, 2002 08:06 PM
RINO although I have not built a car on a 74 Nova frame,the advice of r19v sounds good and I'm sure it would work fine. However,stock frames are very inconsistant from frame to frame.They are bent,twisted,out of square, even on a "straight"car. Buy a caster/camber gauge,(you need one anyway) and use it to test your tower positions before welding them solid. This will insure proper position on YOUR frame.

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