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Author Topic:   Driveshaft Tips
Dirt Roller

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posted November 29, 2001 04:04 PM
Does anyone have any good driveshaft tips. Has anyone tried the lighter driveshafts and are they worth any gain in performance.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 29, 2001 04:21 PM
Anything that will lower reciprocating mass and will let your motor rev faster is a gain. As for the driveshaft our track only lets us run steel.

Dirt Freak

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posted November 29, 2001 05:17 PM
There are guidelines for min. wall thickness & min. diameter, for a given length / anticipated load. A good driveline builder should know the smallest/lightest that is safe for your application.
If I'm not mistaken, Winston cup cars were just recently required to upgrade from 3 to 4 inch O.D. driveshafts.
I have never had a problem with a 2 1/2" driveshaft.

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