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Author Topic:   Frozen Trailing arm bolts
Dirt Freak

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posted November 05, 2001 04:18 PM
I'm having a heck of a time removing the bolts from the upper trailing arm mounts on a '79 Malibu. The rearend is out and the nuts came off, but the bolts are stuck. Anyone ever had this situation?

Dirt Administrator

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posted November 05, 2001 05:31 PM UIN: 16262997
heatem up with a torch and get them out.......most of those, I actually cut and just get some bushing to replace the ones I torched.


Dirt Freak

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posted November 06, 2001 12:08 AM
Swear at it a couple times that usually helps me out lol

Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 06, 2001 01:06 AM
soak with WD-40 for a few days, use a big hammer, still don't budge...swear at it and use the "fire wrench".

Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 06, 2001 01:27 PM
Just LOL been there done that!

I was successful at getting some out by modifying a gear pulller (or pitman arm puller) by lengthing it. I also once found a piece of pipe slightly larger Inner diameter than the OD of the bushing and welding straps to the puller to push it out.

A hint for changing the bushings out of upper control arms; cut a piece of 3/4" pipe to fit inside the arm, tack weld it. Take another piece of pipe that is slightly larger than the bushing sleeve. then use a large vice to push the bushing out into the larger piece of pipe. You can then use the original shaft to pull back in the bushings with a little persuasion. Then remove the 3/4 " pipe. I hope this can helps.

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