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Author Topic:   Turbo 350 AUTO. trans.??
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posted October 07, 2001 06:22 PM
We're going to be putting an automatic transmission in are racecar for next year. Has anyone done this before and if so did it work out ok? Both my uncles have done it before and won a crap load of races that way. I just want to see whats happened with other people.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 07, 2001 07:06 PM
I would go with a well built power gluide rather than a 350. The 350's can't handle the abuse, from what I have seen.

Dirt Maniac

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posted October 07, 2001 08:31 PM
i would have to disagree.this was the 5th season with the same trans and convertor.all i have done is change fuild and filter.which ever trans you use just find someone who will stand behind there work.good luck next year.

redneck bubbas racing
Dirt Freak

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posted October 07, 2001 09:58 PM
I have also ran a 350 turbo for 2 seasons. I have a very large cooler and change the fluid about 3 times a season. It does show a little wear whenever you look in the pan but nothing abnormal. I run in first gear only and have not had any problems either year. It was also not rebuilt between seasons. This was a standard 350, no high dollar parts, and was used when I put it in. The only mods made was to remove the governer and filter. Removing the filter is supposed to allow the fluid to flow a little easier. This was told to me by an "old hand" and I did it and it does not seem to hurt at all. If you do do this add one quart extra and then mark your stick so you know where the new full is. Good luck

Dirt Maniac

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posted October 07, 2001 10:00 PM UIN: 14464409
i agree with mongo. i have tried both, and had better luck with the 350 turbo.

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posted October 08, 2001 01:26 AM UIN: 54865418
we are required to run a t350 and i have had no problems with mine yet just like you guys it's plain jane stock just change the filter and fluid a couple three times a year but one thing i do differently is i don't run any type cooler at all i blocked the holes we talked to bushore about my uncles powerglide and he said the first thing we needed to do is loose the cooler all it will do is drop your pessure in any auot tranny. i know it sounds funny but if it works in a mod for 20 laps turning 7500 it should work in a hobby at 5800 for 12 laps

Dirt Freak

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posted October 08, 2001 06:49 PM
We ran a TH350 for five years. Put on a good double pass cooler and change the fluid on a regular basis and plumb a vent tube. We ran a 3400 lb stock car at 7200 to 7500 in low gear finaling 7.94.

Good luck
The Peddler

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posted October 08, 2001 11:50 PM
I run a T-350 that I pulled out of an old junk car we had in the trees. It had been sitting 5 years. We changed the filter and put new seals in it and it ran great all year. Most people at our track that have Powerglides swear by them.I have never tried one. The only advantage I can think of in a powerglide is that you can buy an adaptor so you can push start it.

Dirt Roller

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posted October 25, 2001 09:13 PM
It seems most people run automatics in 1st gear. Thinking about using one. Wouldn't it be better to run it in 3rd gear, (depending on the gears in the rear end), or doesn't it really matter?

Dirt Freak

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posted October 26, 2001 12:19 AM
Does anyone know of any mods for a t-350 torque converter. If so how do I build one.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 26, 2001 07:28 AM
ARR, if you're racing a track that calls for a final over 7.00 (like most 1/4 mile tracks), then you're forced to put the tranny in some gear other than 1:1 3rd to get the torque multiplication desired. 7.0 is about the biggest rear gear you're gonna find.

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