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Author Topic:   Caprice Spindles and Nova Contol Arms
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posted September 07, 2001 09:03 AM
Alright, here's the deal. I'm building a new car and have a front suspension question. I am planning on using '78 Caprice spindles on a metric car b/c the longer spindles change the angle of the upper a-arms and, consequently, lower the roll center of the front-end. The problem with this application is that you have to add a ton of shims at the upper control arm to get the correct spindle angles.

I have heard that '68 to '72 Nova lower control arms will bolt on to a metric car and are longer than the stock lower control arm. If this true, than that extra length would help to correct the angles w/o all the shims plus it would widen the front track just a little more.

Has anyone ever tried any of this? Did it work? Also, do any other cars interchange with the Nova lower control arms?

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posted September 07, 2001 10:27 AM
Actually the taller spindles should raise your roll center (but that is a good thing) and have also have a greater kingpin inclination (10 vs 7 degrees, better for dirt). Don't know about using Nova lowers (though I seem to recall they swap left for right when putting them on a metric car), but I Do know that you will have some bump-steer issues to sort out.
Get Steve Smith's Latest book on IMCA Modifieds (#280?) It has a lot of info (including quantifying and correcting bump-steer issues) that will help you re-design your front geometry.

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posted September 11, 2001 07:55 AM
67-69 camaro are the same as the nova.

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