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Author Topic:   Driver Poll
Dirt Roller

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posted August 18, 2001 07:28 AM
As a person thats never raced before,(Im planning to start next season), Im wanting to know: to be a top finisher, how much depends on driver ability/skill or is it who has the best car? Is it 90% car/10%driver? 70% driver/20% car/10% luck? I would like everyones input. Thanks

Dirt Freak

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posted August 18, 2001 12:38 PM UIN: 25419780
I think its a combo of everything..but the drivers experience is what you need to get..I would say 70% driver 20% car 10% luck (and sometimes I wonder if its not more luck in some cases)lol

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted August 20, 2001 06:05 PM
I have not raced cars but once yet.I have however raced karts for 6 years.My personal formula is1/3car1/3engine1/3driver and 1/2 of each catagory is luck.(and that last percent moves around

Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 21, 2001 09:52 AM
Here's my humble opinion, racing success is about 50% car, 50% driver, 50% luck, 50% having the right color car, 50% preparation, 50% not havin the motor blow up, 50% who you know and 50% using the right gas. Some of those numbers should be adjusted dependent on whether the track is 50% wet, 50% dry, 50% slick or 50% muddy. Finally, if the forcast is over 50% chance of rain, you aint racin anyway, so don't worry about it.

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 21, 2001 08:36 PM
My opinion that might help a new driver is to build a decent motor, preferably let an engine builder build it. Use new ignition parts, not ones from a junk yard. And wire your car properly so connections aren't falling off during the race. Now drive the car and work on the chassis all year and leave the motor alone. As you get some experience then maybe you will need some motor. I see new guys show up at the track with cars that won't start when it's time for the heat race or die after one lap of the feature. How will you get better when you spend all your time trying to get your car started. That's just my opinion.

Dirt Moderator

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posted August 21, 2001 10:27 PM
have a good car and motor that can win then the driver has to do the rest

Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 22, 2001 07:30 AM
The best advice someone could have given me when I first started racing would have been to first learn to drive the car and track, focusing on handling and settup and finishing the races I started. We were too worried about making that last bit of horsepower to keep up when I didn't really have a handle on driving. I would strongly suggest you purchase a short or long block from a professional engine builder and realize that you want an engine that is more bulletproof than it is overwhelmingly powerful and delicate. Resist the temptation to go out and set the world on fire your first season like a Kevin Harvick; finish races, get seat time, and learn. Trust me, this will make you a better driver sooner and save you alot of frustration.

Dirt Roller

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posted August 22, 2001 08:55 AM
I agree that I should go with a professional built motor. I am curious as to how much I should spend on it. Our track has a $1,000 motor claim/$500 swap rule. Does that mean I shouldnt spend more tham $1000 on my motor? How much does it cost to have a QUALITY motor professionally built. My budget is pretty much unlimited, however I do not want break any rules or build a motor that I know someone will definetly claim.

Dirt Roller

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posted August 22, 2001 11:22 AM
Not sure what your rules are exactly, but most tracks only let you claim the top two or three cars, and the claimer has to bee on the same lap as the leader at the finish. I complety agree with most everyone else on the motor ideas, built a reliable motor that makes laps and learn to drive the car. Not knowing what you have on hand or what you r rules are I can't say how much money you are looking to have to spend. But my personal opinion is you are going to have to spent anywhere from $1500 to $2500 on a reliable, well built, desent horsepower motor. But then again I know people who have that much in the heads alone. One more thing, Horsepower get you nowhere on a dry slick track.

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 22, 2001 07:02 PM
You can build a flat top motor for about $1800. Be sure to balance it. I race on a budget because my wife won't let me spend all our retirement money so I have to get atleast 2 years out of a motor.

Dirt Roller

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posted August 24, 2001 01:58 AM UIN: 111782537
I believe your driving skill is the most important thing.That is the approach I have taken.Everyone keeps tellin me to do this or that for more horsepower.Power don't mean squat if you can't control it!!!I am relatively new to the sport but I see all these drivers talk about power and they still can't control their car.The best driver we have has been racing since he was a youngster and I think he could beat us on a these other drivers have said is true,get a reliable powerplant and then start learning,when you can out drive your car then start beafing it up.

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 26, 2001 10:09 PM
Be smooth,
Be sure other more experienced drivers know where you will be.
Run your line and don't be intimidated by others.
Learn how to finish, then you can learn how to win.

Good Luck
The Peddler

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 27, 2001 03:00 AM UIN: 28276986
Make sure you have someone setup your car for you. I ran my first year with an unstable car then after having it setup it was a rocket. I remember my first lap on the track. I stood on the gas thinking I was going somewhere when all of a sudden about ten cars freighttrained me in afterburner.

Dirt Roller

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posted August 27, 2001 07:51 PM
Thanks for the input... keep'em coming!

Dirt Roller

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posted September 26, 2001 12:22 AM
Hey most of these guys are right. This my first year, and i have raced 8 times now. Every week we are learning more about tire pressure, suspension, weight placement, ext... We have 5 top fives including a 2nd and two 3rd place runs. However, the only thing we've done to the motor is buy a new starter, flywheel, and rewired it. You will be surprised after 8 events of how much the driver actually does. It just takes a while to learn to think out there, instead of just trying to drive real fast

Dirt Newbie

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posted September 26, 2001 11:56 PM
i would say 30% car 68% driver and 2% luck

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