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Author Topic:   cooling help
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posted August 06, 2001 05:33 PM
Guys I need some help. Having any over heating problem; I've tried alot of different combos to correct the heating problem. The coolest I can get it to run is with 1:1 pulleys and a 160 thermostat. Where can I find a set of aluminum deep grove 1:1 pulleys? Does anyone use a stewart pump and had any luck running it 25% underdrive? I've got the same set-up as a few of the guys at the track, this car just runs hot. Any help is apperciated. Thanks for you input. Deed

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posted August 06, 2001 07:49 PM
Deed I took my thermostat and cut the middle out of it. You know the spring part. Then I put it back in the water neck. That leaves about a 1/2 to a 3/4 inch hole in the middle. The water has a little bit of restriction but not as much as with the whole thermostat in there. Thats what most of the guys around here do anyway. Hope this helps alittle. 34RACING

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posted August 06, 2001 08:56 PM
Im in az where we race in 100 degrees.(at night)I run a flow cooler pump that is in the summit book,I run a 5/8 restricter,and 25% reduction pulley, my car always ran hot with a thermostat,i usally run around 210 deg.

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posted August 06, 2001 09:33 PM
Thanks guys, 34 I did the same thing didn't help. I run the same set-up as racer 2. I took the cut up stat out and made a restrictor out of some aluminum I had, started with a 3/8" hole and I'm working my way up until it runs cool. Don't really have the funds, but I may buy a stewart pump. I just can't seem to find any 1:1 pulleys. Thanks for your help. I'll keep trying. Deed

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posted August 07, 2001 08:14 AM
Deed, you can get pulleys that are 1:1 from Coleman. That's what I'm running, with a Stewart Stage 3 pump too. 200 degrees or less on most nights.

If you go with a Stewart pump (which I HIGHLY recommend), ditch the thermostat and/or restrictor.

You didn't say, are you running a properly fitting shroud? What about ductwork in front of the rad?

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posted August 07, 2001 09:27 AM
Thanks 59, I do have a shroud and duct work to the front of rad. The problem is more than likely the pump/pulley combo. Thanks for your help I'll go directly to coleman for the pulleys. Deed

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posted August 09, 2001 06:53 PM
Deed, do you have a air dam on the bottom of the radiator? we run a piece of plastic about 6 inches wide along the bottom of the radiator the complete length of the radiator. makes the air go up the rad and the fan ***** it in. also make sure the fan is doing its job. We have found that the shroud from a v-6 metric car works best for us with a flex fan. I was not very fond of using a flex fan but it worked. Also I use a coolant additive in the water. Barry Grant has one that I used that works good. I normally run 210 after a 15 lap feature. Also make sure you run a good cap on the rad. 29 to 31# cap on mine. I ran hot 2 weeks ago and found I had not tightened the cap! Made all the difference in the world. Hope this helps.

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posted August 10, 2001 07:00 PM
on my stock car i had to use the 1 to 1 deep groove pulleys... i got them from.. BHRmotorsports. several years ago.. and went with the short stewart water pump.. and a 5/8;s resrtictor.. also like the one post said put the plastic under the radiator that helps alot.. and make sure that what ever shroud you use fits your fan blades close.. and that your fan is half in the shroud and half out.. all the way around, if possible. half in and half out..and a tight fit..and i used a good solid straight fan from speedway...aluminum radiator also. no anti-freeze, i used to run this but i stopped says your not sposed to run it anyway...but i quit a while back...and a good high pressure cap also. and maybe run a anti-freeze jug on your frame with a hose going to the radiator kina work like a reg. car does.. and not just puke the water out under cation or after race it will pull the water back into the radiator. sounds like your on the right track with the 1 to 1 pulleys and good water pump, check your shroud make sure it fits the way i explain... btw... what's your car number DEED??

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posted August 10, 2001 08:14 PM
MODRACER, I done everything that has been posted. I'm waiting on the stewart pump, it should be here Mon. or Tues. I will check with BHR for the pulleys. the shroud is 1/2" bigger that the 4 blade fan. It will pull leaves off the ground when you rev. the motor.
My car # is 17, white and blue w/yellow #'s. The good looking SS that runs in the back. If I get the cooling problem fixed I can work on the chassis. We are not running this week, but I should be back next. Come find us, I would be happy to meet you. Deed

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