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Author Topic:   panhard bar
Dirt Newbie

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posted July 13, 2001 09:38 AM
Does anyone run a panhard bar on their streetstock? If you do could you let me know how you have it mounted and how you think it helps the car. THANKS

Dirt Full Roller

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posted July 26, 2001 07:52 PM
We run a long panhard bar from a bracket low on the left side of the axle housing about where the lower left trailing arm is attached to the housing. It runs slightly uphill to a bracket on the right frame rail. The bar is behind the axle housing. It has heim joints on the ends that allow us to remove any bind or load while the car is at static ride height. The idea is that when the car rolls over to the right and consequently the right rear suspension compresses, the entire rear end moves leftward slightly which will, of course, tighten up the car- right where I need it. I enter the corner easy and get on the gas sooner than most of the other guys. I like body roll on the slick features and induce it by placing ballast higher in the chassis. I have adapted to this setup and developed my driving style to it with good results. I know there are many ways to mount the bar, (short/long, high/low, left side/right side, steep/horizontal, in front/behind axle etc.) There is no one correct way, only ways that you could make work for you. Hope this helps.

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