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Author Topic:   oil pan gaskets
pa racer
Dirt Roller

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posted March 12, 2001 10:55 AM
we just bought a new claimer oil pan with steel gaskets. are they better than cork or rubber? and do you use a sealant on steel gaskets?

Dirt Freak

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posted March 12, 2001 07:39 PM
hmmmmmmmmm. i always have had great luck with the cork...just go to the Zone, they have fel pro. use that yellow emblem glue to stick them to the block. also under the end rubbers. then use a SMALL amount of black or red silicone, on the oil pan ends and rails. set it on the block. and bolt it down even. havent had a leak yet. I use this on race pans and just everyday motors.

Dirt Roller

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posted March 13, 2001 08:35 PM
Last season i had a problem with my oil pan gasket (cork) it might have been over tightened but that s not important I found that Felpro makes a Steel lined one piece rubber gasket for most year chevys this worked great it also had steel washers built in so it could not be over tightened check your local parts place this gasket is all i use now

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