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Author Topic:   IMCA 8" tires info
Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 02, 2001 03:17 PM
Rumor has it our track is planing a mid season switch to the IMCA 8" tires for the SS class. I am not familiar with these, can some one bring me up to speed on these, pro and cons, grooving ideas. Just trying to get a jump on the situation. THANKS

Kid Rock
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posted March 02, 2001 08:11 PM
I will be a rookie factory stock driver this year. My dad has ran those tires for over ten years in the modifieds. They seem to be a good tire. After watching many years of racing it seems to me that the better the driver is the more he will gain. We were never allowed to groove the tires. They can be tuff to hook up on forward bite. Sometimes the smaller motors will have some of an advantege. My class is running them now. Luckily i have saved some of his from last year so i can have some spares to start on. My motor is a 9 to 1, stock heads, flat top pistons, not a lot of power. So the tires aren't as important. We've never did anything to the tires besides measuring for stager. Is your class allowed offset wheels and wheel spacers?

Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 04, 2001 08:50 PM
Yes on stagger and offsets.
most use cooper cobras, either 235/70(88")
255/60(85") or 225/70(86"). but any size is legal as long as tread width is 8"..

What is the going price on these tires?
Cobras are @$60..
The only reason I can think the reason for a switch would be to put money in the promotors pocket and the speed shop that would be selling them.

Dirt Maniac

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posted March 04, 2001 09:57 PM
The IMCA tires cost around $85 to $90 each. You will probably replace these tires more often also because they will wear faster than the regular street tires due to the softer tire compund. I have to replace the right rear on my open wheel after 4 nights of racing. These tires also don't have as much tread depth as regular street tires.

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted March 05, 2001 05:52 PM
If you know some Modified drivers, you can get good used tires cheap. I run the rears two shows and either stick them on the front or sell them, I get $20 to $30 for them. They will last a long time, and there are ways to get more life out of them, a four inch grinder with some sanding discs on the tires surface works well, if allowed, grooving or sipes will help. I like the idea, it helps the Mod guys recover a few dollars and helps the street stock guys save a few as well, and while your buying from the Mod guys (while handing them cash and watching the smile on their face) don't be afraid to ask a few questions and get a few pointers, they'll be more likely to help you if your helping them.....just my thoughts

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