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Author Topic:   Street Stock Headers...
Dirt Full Roller

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posted February 27, 2001 01:03 PM UIN: 1986763
Hi Everyone -- I am doing some changes on the street stock this year and have a question. I was previously running 1 5/8" street headers that go into a 3" collector, which seemed to work good on the car, but I have changed a lot on the car for this year. I am looking at the 1 3/4" schoenfeld's that go into a 3 1/2" collector. Here is what the motor/car is. Dirt street stock, 2750 lbs, 6.98 gearing (turns 6500/7000rpm). The car is running a manual transmission, lightweight clutch setup, 383 stroker small block. The motor is close to 13.0:1 compression, .542" / .562" lift, 252/260 @ .050 and it had fully ported 292 turbo heads (flow 290 cfm). The intake is a custom aluminum factory deal that I modified myself (started with a TBI intake, bored it to 2" bores...we have to run production 2 barrel intakes), and then on top of that is a c&s 890 cfm two barrel with 2" bores. It has a flow control air cleaner, built hei distributor with a MSD 6T box on it. For this season, I may run alcohol on occasion (I have an alky carb as well and the rules say nothing about fuel), and this year I switched to the Dart 215cc Iron Eagle cylinder heads, which are mildly ported.

Any ideas on if these headers would be the way to go? We can run full 180 degree headers, but I still have a firewall/floorpan in the car (it was an asphalt car so it has the asphalt setup) and only plan on running the car this season, so not going to the trouble to redo the interior/drivers box.

Thanks in advance,


Dirt Maniac

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posted February 27, 2001 08:59 PM
I would definetly change to the larger tube headers. You should see a difference in your mid to top end power with the larger header tube.

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