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Author Topic:   Tubular upper control arms
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posted February 08, 2001 03:20 PM
Since DIRT is allowing the use of tubular upper control arms I was wondering which type people are using.
Our car is a metric chassis, has camaro spindles, stock lowers. What configurations are people running? And which type will get the best allignment? I wanted to keep the roll centers high, so we can run softer springs, due to the track being rough more times than not. The track is a 1/2 low banked dry/slick track.

Dirt Freak

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posted February 09, 2001 10:15 AM
Because you can run the uppers, does that mean you can move the upper A's mount also?
If not you will need to get one that is the same length and off-set as the stock one are now.
If you can move the mounts there are some advantages to running shorter one to get camber gain..........
Let us know what the rules are for the mounts, then we can give more direct information...........Jeff

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posted February 12, 2001 11:11 AM
Not supposed to move the mounts, but the norm is a tweak here and there. But again some guys run aftermarket mounts and no one complains.
For our first year were gona play buy the rules and not move them any more. The left side is moved out @ 1/2 - 3/4" and the right side is in @ 3/4"....

I was thinking of ford lowers for this also..
Any ideas ???

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posted February 13, 2001 12:22 PM

Widebody, If you aren't going to move the mounts you are stuck with the same upper A's that you run now. The tube ones will be lighter, but they will still be the same to get caster/camber correct.........
This is why people move the mounts is so they can dictate anti-dive, caster gain, camber gain, roll centers, .......this is the reason to move the mounts.
If you aren't going to do that, you will be stuck with the same things you have now as far as caster/camber gains although you can change the roll center with ball joints....
To get the upper you need you will need a tri-square to measure the length and off-set of the uppers needed.........then order from who ever you perfer to do business with....

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posted February 14, 2001 03:47 PM
I might not have been clear enough, we cant move the mount. thats all.
We can run different length arms, and spindles. I was mainly looking for the durabilty aspect of different uppers compared to OEM.
My thinking is: if I go with ford lowers, I could use longer aftermarket uppers and still be able to hit some decent camber #'s.
I understand what your saying, about the stock uppers.
If nothing else is changed and a taller spindle is added it stands to reason that a longer upper is needed to maintain the current camber setting. Im not looking at the control arm angle.
Im mainly aiming for the widest track with the minimum amount of shims needed on the uppers and still hit @-3 camber. Im not woried about the caster right now, I can always swap uppers to get caster.

I m not sure why the rule change went through with not being able to change the mounts. I may be wrong on the mount modification issue...Ill have to check the book later.
Any one else know??? "NY DIRT prostock"

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posted February 14, 2001 10:43 PM
Use moon type adjustable uppers,we make our own cross shaft out of 1 in. sq.tubbing with ends cut at the right angle and grade 8 5/8 nuts welded to the ends,with these you can use whatever length front and rear tubes to get desired length and geometry you want.

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posted February 16, 2001 10:59 AM

widebody, I think you need to move the rear mount on the frame to use the FORD lowers you are thinking of running........ask around and measure them if you already have them........
If I remember right it will need to be moved 3/8 inch rearward.........
let me know if that is still what you plan on running for lowers

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posted February 19, 2001 07:45 PM
I also race in NY for DIRT you are allowed to move the cross shaft for your upper but you are not allowed anything but stock balljoints hope this helps

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posted April 01, 2001 12:52 AM
I made the modification of ford lowers on my camaro, just install the gm bushings and trim, pow they went right in. Now the only thing I don't like is the way I had to clamp the spring in place. But the Car handles Awesome now and I accidently fixed several handling problems too.

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