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Author Topic:   Good Street Stock Chassis
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posted January 11, 2001 07:48 AM
I currently run a Pure Stock, but I pit for a Street Stock. I figue in about a year I will build a SS. What i need to know is who builds a good SS chassis? I live in Central Pa, so if it is close to Pa that would be good. Thx

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posted January 16, 2001 10:20 AM
In general your best bet is to buy a used chassis from someone curently in the class. Or at least look at what type of cars are front runners if you still want to have one built. What are your class rules? wheelbase, track width, weight. the rule book is the first place to start building a car.

Dirt Freak

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posted January 16, 2001 08:53 PM
If your rules allow em a Camaro is the best choice. If the rules dont allow them due to wheelbase or other I would suggest a Chevy Nova, or other GM that same style. These cars utilize leaf spring rear suspension, wich in my opinion is the best for street stock dirt. Even though the coils are coming in, the leafs will be more repeatable from race to race. This is just my opinion Im sure others will vary. These cars are unibody however, and will have to be connected from the front sub to the rear frame rails with box tubing. If done right these types of cars will be fast off the trailer under any track condition with little adjustment. If your rules dont allow leafs or say car has to have full frame, I would go with Chevy Monte Carlo or other GM type(Gran Prix Cutlass etc.) year 73-77. These cars are big, but can be gutted out to nothing while still being solid because of the full frame. They have some of the same suspension pieces that the nova and camaro use. If those years are hard to find, I guess your stuck with using the GM "metric" type cars year 78-88. Sorry to get long winded, but I hope this helps in your choosing a car type.
p.s. widebody is correct in that you should probably purchase a used car already running in the class you want to participate in. There are usually some good deals out there..

Dirt Newbie

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posted January 16, 2001 10:15 PM
there is a company in canada above ny (i believe) called csc. they will build a custom ss to your specs. a fiend of mine purchased one from them last year & ran it for 2 events, he said it was a big improvement from the car he had prior (which was a top 5 car each week). they will ship it direct to u or u can pick it up. they do have a website but i can't find it, if i do i will post back. don't quote me on price but i believe a complete frame with cage, frt & rear hoops (some custom tubing) was under $3000.00

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posted February 20, 2001 06:41 PM
Maybe you should look in some racing classifieds and buy a used car you will save a lot more money I built my first car 2 years ago and after looking at all the bills I am now totaly sure that buying a complete or nearly complete car is the way to go in building a good car all the little things add up wellgood luck

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posted February 27, 2001 02:58 PM

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posted April 03, 2001 09:21 AM
Originally posted by moronracer66:
I currently run a Pure Stock, but I pit for a Street Stock. I figue in about a year I will build a SS. What i need to know is who builds a good SS chassis? I live in Central Pa, so if it is close to Pa that would be good. Thx is the web site,we just got a street stock chassis from them and its the best thing ever.

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posted April 10, 2001 08:25 AM
I know Tennessee is a good distance from Pa. but if you want a awesome racecar, check out I can tell you from experience it is well built,fast and affordable. They even built my motor and I won my first feature in it on opening night last Saturday! Go to their site and check them out!

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posted April 17, 2001 04:38 PM
if the rulz will permit it i would go with a camaro or a nova these two cars handle great i would rather have a camaro they handle great novas are toughf to figure out suspension but u can

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