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Author Topic:   POWER STEERING
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posted August 13, 2000 12:56 AM
TO WHOEVER, the van pump hits my pitman arm, what do i do. i seen a post recently about this topic and i need some help also. i have a '74 chevelle w/the engine set-back by the #1 plug even with the balljoint cl. any help is appreciated! i use the 462 heads w/no bolt holes. any other suggestions on a pump that will fit. what pulleys do i use? i turn the engine around 7,200rpm. thanks again!

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posted August 23, 2000 09:48 AM
I have used a stock chevy power steering pump for the last 5 years with never a problem even turning it 7200 in open wheel modified and late model sportsman. Same old junkyard pump ran for two seasons. Replaced it with cheap remanufactured one from local auto parts store just to be safe and then rebuilt the old one with new seals for a backup which I have never needed. A great mount if you can mount it low on drivers side is from Bill's Hot Rod Company (818) 332-1915. Makes these primarily for street rods but solid steel construction, bullet proof and less than $50 I believe for all bolts and brackets. This will let you use stock or aftermarket aluminum pulleys. Needs no holes in heads for mounting, just lower block holes and water pump bolt.

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posted August 23, 2000 05:56 PM
Originally posted by slider:
i also use a van pump it was a real pain at first could not keep belt's on it then i bolted it to the block one place and ran a bolt throw on used hole on water pump with on bracket.also i had to weld a home made bracket to the frame with a hole in it so that i could draw the pump back so it was stright the bolt would go were that nut is welded on your pump braket hope this help's i also have the 462 head's

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