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Author Topic:   building a street stock $$$$$$?????
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posted July 18, 2000 04:50 PM UIN: 40696038
what do most chassis builders charge to build a street stock including wieght jacks and shock mounts thanks bill k

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posted July 20, 2000 08:01 PM
It is hard to figure a price on a "STREET STOCK" as they vary so much from track to track. In some areas a camero can run street.In some areas weight jacks,10"wheels etc.
In our part of the country a street stock is any full frame car of 108" wheelbase or more or any uniboby of 112" wheelbase.
Engine Rules:
Chevy,350 + .060 + .010 for wear.
Flat top pistons,
Stock bore and stroke combo.,
Any flat tappett cam,
Stock unported heads, no aftermarket
2 bbl carb on cast iron intake, no Holleys.
Body and frame:
Full body and full frame, body and frame must match.
Minimal cutting for wheel openings.
Pipe front and rear bumpers not to extend more than 12"high, no wider than the frame horns in front or 1" past the body in rear.

9in ford rear may be run, any stock trans, automatics must have a stock converter no smaller than 11" dia.Std. must run a single disc clutch 10 1/2 dia. on a steel flywheel.

Wheel and tires:
Must run D.O.T. street radials available from a retail outlet and no more than 11" sectional width. Wheels must be approved racing wheels with a 1/4" center thickness.
Beadlock on right rear only. (just approved this year.

This is a general overview of our rules. The Street Stock we ran for four years rolled out at 2800.00 with quick steer,seat,belts,fuel cell,bumpers,nerf bars, and 9 in mounted. The final cost when we arrived at the track was some where in the 8000.00 bracket.

I hope this answers your question, and as you can see the rules vary widley from track to track as we can't run in Fort Worth as our wheelbase is too short(82 cutlass 108 in.).

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posted July 28, 2000 12:56 AM
night crawler chassis charges between $1200 and $1400 depending on whether you have your own front clip or not. night crawler chassis located in seymour,in NIGHT CRAWLER it in the dirt.

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