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Author Topic:   SBC Heads
Dirt Roller

Total posts: 19
posted March 11, 2000 09:15 AM
NeedInfo on 3917230 heads I can't find this # any help appre.

Dirt Full Roller

Total posts: 32
posted March 12, 2000 10:45 AM
Couldn't find anything on that casting
number either.

Dirt Administrator

Total posts: 169
posted March 14, 2000 03:37 PM
I have seen those numbers too, I didn't have a clue what they were.

Dirt Maniac

Total posts: 168
posted March 18, 2000 08:38 PM
Go to They have info on chevy parts and casting numbers. They have some good info.

Dirt Forum Racer

Total posts: 97
posted March 18, 2000 09:51 PM UIN: 40696038
mortec no i already checked there and they did not have those numbers!!

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